Post-game Analysis Mode Sometimes Skips to the End

When I’m looking over my completed games with the marvelous Interactive AI Review, it sometimes interrupts what I’m doing and skips to the end of the game.

Note: This also used to happen prior to the recent changes in Ai review.

Speculation: My guess is that it happens when my connection blinks out for a second or two. If so then we just need the user end to remember it’s place. Hopefully that’s frontend but I’m guessing.


when you turn off internet, nothing happens
it happens when connection resumes (after disconnection)
game skips to the end and all moves that you did in analysis disappear


Even if you are in the main sequence, it loses your spot and skips to the end. I just did some testing by ‘blipping’ my connection.

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Are You sure it’s only “post-game”?
I think it might have happened to Andrii K. when he was commenting EGPL. He was complaining about the moves jumping to the end. At the time I thought he was just an old dude failing on the internet.


I only play live with analysis off these days but it seems quite possible that the same would apply to in-game analysis. Typically though, that would be less disruptive.


this still seems to happen