Problem Downloading Review

Question for an OGS admin:

I’ve been taking lessons with Clossius (Shawn Ray), and I have been uploading sgf files from games played on KGS so they can be easily reviewed during lessons using the OGS review functions which Clossius prefers to use. I also play games on OGS which we review in my lessons.

I had not been downloading the review files up until now. However, last week I decided to download the ones from my latest lesson and type in comments from my lesson video as part of my study.

The review of the lesson that had been uploaded into the sgf library downloaded as “sgf” and looked like a text file, but it would not open with text edit. When I tried to open it I got an error message.

The review of the game played on OGS downloaded fine with all of the variations and opened in my sgf editor. (Two of them actually; cgoban and Smart Go.

At first I thought that the file may have gotten corrupted somehow, but I am now thinking that this might be by design. Am I doing something wrong, or am I not supposed to be able to download these variations?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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It’s interesting.

For me there are some reviews of games in my sgf library that will download. With ones that I’ve uploaded from KGS and start a review of I get an error that the site can’t be reached, whereas for other reviews eg a game I created with the SmartGo app it will download the review with/without comments fine.

It doesn’t look like a typo in the url for instance so must(?) be something to do with the sgf format of the game.

KGS does store things like the move times in the sgf, but I don’t know what would be causing the error.

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Same as these other threads? See second for fix apparently