Random music on player's profile page

Use “embed”. How to Embed Audio in HTML5 - Tutorial Republic


I was using the “audio” element which is first in the page you linked.

<audio autoplay loop>
<source src="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b6/Shishiodoshi-LS100103.ogg" type="audio/ogg">

Now I’ve switched to “embed” which is working, but doesn’t autoplay! :smiley:


If you want it to autoplay, you have to tell it.

<embed src=" (...) "  autoplay="true">

That doesn’t work for me. I’m using Chrome.

Also I checked Koba’s profile and it’s using this code:

<embed src="https://www.cjoint.com/doc/19_05/IEfqyqh7PMX_Nyan-Cat-original-.mp3" width="2" height="2">

Maybe autoplay has been removed after the OP…
or maybe it’s just my browser that doesn’t autoplay music… I don’t hear the music.

If you’re using some other browser, could you please check my profile? Does it play?

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No music. Android mobile. Opera.

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It plays after i click somewhere on your profile, i guess that is some browser-feature in order to prevent unsolicited audios.

autoplay=“true” loop=“true” should work

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On principle, I don’t like auto-play music on anything, because there are numerous occasions where it is acceptable to be on your phone, but not disrupt others around you.

For example, keeping an eye on a sleeping baby, passing the time during an overnight bus trip etc. It’s perfectly OK to be on OGS, but not have loud music annoy everyone out of nowhere.

That’s just me, I know people use auto-play all the time, I accept it exists, still have the right to find it annoying.


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Sure Santa, please buy me these

(yes I know cheap ones exist, but being aware of your surroundings is also a factor, I’m happy for people whose lives are so easily solved and in any case Santa don’t forget my gift, since you offered)

I find your feature request reasonable. To expect a consistent profile page across the whole OGS site, with the players’ information presented in a consistent and clear manner seems like a reasonable feature, and if I want to check concrete stats and information about some other players (maybe I am a tournament director and want to check 10-15 players looking for specific stats?) then the possibility that each of them is a completely different uncontrolled myspace page that might start screaming at you if you are not careful and prepared, feels somewhat intrusive.

It seems to me that the profile pages then serve at least two roles: the “myspace” style “personal page” of each user, and the actual “OGS profile” with all the information of a player. Both needs or ways to think of the profile page sort of go against each other sometimes, so a clearer separation or at least the option to “hide custom profiles” (showing you only the default OGS profile view, per your own choice) seems nice to me :slight_smile:


That said, my personal feeling is that having “per user personal pages” on OGS itself is probably not needed at all… but then, OGS suffers from featuritis since so long ago… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah… i can see your point, the nyancat at full volume can be really horrible…

But i think its also nice easter egg, so… ^____^


To be clear, it is not completely arbitrary HTML, but rather a subset that allows a substantial amount of profile page customization. It should prevent people from injecting Javascript, which would be a security issue.

Actually, in July 2020, it became known among some regulars on OGS that even linking customized CSS was possible. My profile page does this is a bit (and also auto-plays some music).

At that time, I actually raised the possibility of abuse as a concern to the site owner (anoek), and this was the response:

Basically, unless there is an actual threat or a real problem, I would like to keep it available so that people who find themselves wanting to tinker can tinker. This is probably one of those things where I’m way more adamant about it than is called for in the situation, most likely very few people actually care about it, I just lament the locked down nature technology is heading towards, and I kind of view leaving some space open for people to get creative with their profiles as some minuscule way I can push back against that tide.

I believe all of the methods to auto-play music rely on the browser allowing auto-play media. It is possible to disable this in various browsers:

Since you expressed this opinion,

I’m surprised that you have not already done this. I hope you find that link helpful, not just for OGS, but for your broader internet browsing activities as well.

This is a reasonable concern about extensive profile page modifications. If someone is going so far as to abuse the feature and deliberately making it difficult to obtain information, then that could be addressed by moderators removing the modifications to their profile. In extreme cases, like players doing this to potentially cover traces of cheating, we might even ban those users outright.

I quoted and replied to this above already, but I want to further address this argument again:

This kind of argument (replacing the word “sounds” with something else) could also be broadly applied to a lot of communication available to users. For example, one could argue for banning any custom text on profile pages and blocking various forms of communication (from in-game chat, to the chat channels and forums), since one could be concerned with the potential that some might spread obscenities and hate via those channels. However, our approach in those cases is not to ban all communication outright, but rather address the problematic communications with blocks and bans as those might happen. Even when some people do post hate speech and harassments, our response isn’t to block all communication by everyone, but instead to just deal with the problematic few.


I agreed with you that the feature isn’t great - I wonder if you noticed?

The first part of my response was probably in reaction to your approach to the problem. You assumed that because something is “your expectation” therefore it should be that way. :slight_smile:

You’re entitled to express your desire for changes, however you like to do that.

However, this thread follows a common pattern: someone comes into the forum out of the blue and demands something be done “about their problem”.

My advice would be that this is demonstrably not the way to get a good response.

The initial post in this thread can be read in different ways - generously, it was a person succinctly reporting an issue, the reason why it’s an issue, and a proposed solution.

It was a highly unpleasant surprise for me, and there’s no way to turn it off.

My expectation is that profile pages are silent.

Either fix the bug which allowed them to play music, or make this a feature I can turn off completely so I don’t have to worry about random sounds coming out of my speakers.

However, a more likely reading of the post as a whole is that it comes across as demanding and entitled, with the accompanying assumption that the writer’s expectation is obviously correct and should be met.

It didn’t even think to check whether there’s a good reason for how it is, nor whether there are folk out there who want it to stay the same way.

It sounds like someone who got a facefull of nyan-cat, was really mad about that, and came to say so :slight_smile: I might have penned the exact same thing in similar circumstances :slight_smile:

I think you’ll find that this is why the thread went where it did.

Personally, I agree with Elastanodel90’s analysis :

To expect a consistent profile page across the whole OGS site, with the players’ information presented in a consistent and clear manner seems like a reasonable feature

I too had an unpleasant experience at Koba’s page when the music started, and I find yebellz’ page very offputting as well. This does in fact make it less likely I’d visit there to use the page for the intended purpose, which I see as less than ideal.

@anoek has previously supported the customisation capability … I wonder if he could chime in about this take on it?


There are so few customization around that i wouldn’t even bother to consider it as a problem.

Like 5 profiles for over a 1 000 000 (0.0005%):joy:


Though, 20% of active moderator profiles :wink:


It is a bug for you, not for me. I’m fine with music on a profile page. For me a bug is something like not coming from the brain of someone, some dysfunction. That’s not the case here.

Besides it is still 0.0005%


I agree generally with all your main points, there is a reason for the “change of the web” from myspace days to today and the general trend. But I think that you are being too harsh and absolute in your speech. Even from a very practical stand point, you could an alternative strategy of communicating differently and more “diplomatically”, to increase your chances that someone with the power to change this is persuaded to change it or at least to make them want to discuss the problem in search of improvements.

Like, maybe, it would be better to make sabaki, instead of an all-or-nothing crazy fighting :wink:


Let’s tally up what we collectively think.

  • Remove the ability to add custom CSS and Media objects (audio / video tags) from everyones profile page
  • Only remove the ability to add media objects audio/video tags, keeping CSS customization
  • Allow both CSS and Media customizations

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This topic comes up regularly, with people thinking so and so “hacked the site!” etc. I’m not willing to die on this hill, if y’all think it’d be better without I’ll remove the capability. I still think it’s fun to see what people do but I acknowledge the experience can be jolting and maybe that’s not what folks want when playing Go.

P.S. Just because Facebook doesn’t do it doesn’t mean no one else should. Geocities was an amazing place in retrospect. The customizations done here are safe from a data perspective as no JS is allowed, albeit perhaps jolting with audio/video or some more extreme applications of css.


Another option would be to have a little question box thing pop up the first time you visit a profile with custom css/media and basically ask permission to display that, and allow folks to say no to strip it out. That way it a) informs users that this is something that is expected, and b) lets folks turn it off if they don’t want it. That way I can have my cake and naysayers can stop bugging me about hacks and bugs :wink: