Rank lost after a win?


after “win” by timeout against a 25k (he stopped playing - correpondance), i refreshed instantly to see how my rank would
evolved and it went from 11.0k to 11.1k ! so a rank losss after a “win” how is it possible ? thanks

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Yes, this is “normal” based on how the algorithm works. There are a bunch of other threads that go into excruciating detail about this, but the short version is that your rank is calculated on a 15 game sliding window based on your pre-window rating. If a game falls off that shifts this calculation, you can lose more rating points than you gain from the win, and see your rating go down despite the win. It seems counterintuitive, and is being looked at to be tweaked, but it’s not from a bug or anything.


Also when playing someone 14 ranks (or more) weaker than you, how would you expect your rank evolve after beating them? It’s a foregone conclusion frankly so the best you can hope for is that your rank stays the same. It should never increase after such an obviously predictable result.

And as @polar-bear already explained the ranking calculation is complicated (i don’t understand it) but it basically works in the long run. At 11.1k we can be quite confident you will still beat the next 25k you play!


Welcome to the wonderful world of OGS.
Maybe this topic will help you in understanding the ranking system.