Request / Discussion about new features


I’d love to see some features here on OGS, to make it even better.

Everything is only wished as an option - not mandatory for every player/game.

#1 Disable the Score-Estimator
As we can disable ingame-analysis (+ conditional moves), please let us
disable SE as well when we are creating a game.

#2 Disable vacationmode for corr.-games
I am currently in a “Fast Correspondence” Tournament ( which
was projected to end after 2 months. Thanks to vacation, 3 months have passed and it’s still not over!

I absolutely understand the concept of vacation time and I wouldnt force it for ladder tournaments or “casual” games. But when “we” want to play a “fast corr.”, it’s just annoying to let dozends of people wait because one player registered for a tournament he can’t finish.
There is also some kind of bug when you enter vacation after starting a tournament. Once you return from vacation, the display at the actual board is still bugged and shows vacation, but the profile does not.
But this didn’t happen to me, so I can’t provide further details about this.

#3 Disable the possibility of sending moves while a game is paused
Sometimes people pause a game (for whatever reason), I did this myself. This is fine if you need to visit the bathroom during a long game, unexpected guests arrive at the door, important phonecall, etc.
However some player abuse it (in tournaments) and just pause their game, while still playing/sending their moves.
I don’t see the reason why you should be able to send moves while the game is officially paused.
I didn’t check it yet, but I hope (!) that analysis is disabled during a pause as well.

#4 Show us 2 bowls of stones beside the board/goban
This isn’t important at all, but I personally love the IGS layout with bowls and pictured prisoners.
Would be great to see them here someday.

#5 Reviews can be deleted
So far, I don’t see any option to delete a created review. I clicked on the create button by accident and there was no way to remove them from my profile (as well as the others, who played). Nothing serious as well, but would be nice to have a fix in the future.

There’s prob. more, but these are the things that come to my mind once I think about improving OGS.
OGS is my main server, I like it a lot and it has many benefits found nowhere else. But we can always improve
to pursue perfection, right? :slight_smile:


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For (1), isn’t it already disabled for games with analysis disabled? I’m pretty sure it is. I’d test on beta, but the beta site’s broken right now.

Please no to (4). I’m a big fan of the uncluttered interface, a sentiment that seems common here. Why add additional processing, overhead, and make mobile more difficult? You could write an extension for your browser to overlay these if you really want. =]


Don’t worry, (4) should be only an option.
Like you can change the color of the board & stones in your profile, there could be an option
to show / hide the bowls.

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Is this really a problem? I mean that SE is so untrustworthy that it only have any use in late yose, and it’s not even then having any impact on result

(making SE work better would be a good topic for another thread)

As a slow correspondence player, who uses vacation a lot, i have my own dislikes about this, but i think you are right. And not just about the vacation mode, but i think user-made tournaments should have lot more options in general, like option to able/unable weekend pauses and customized trophies (at least to some degree, i don’t want to win a golden swastika on my profile)

At the moment tournament director can disqualify players from tournament, so writing something like “no vacations or you get dropped from tournament” and executing that is an option.

But both players can unpause it, so abusing it is only possible if the other player don’t mind being abused. I’ve had few live games that turned into corr. games because this, but that was only because we both allowed it to go like so, and and if both players are ok with it, what’s the problem?

Absolutely yeah, more layout options than just the 2 background themes! (i actually started this thread earlier this year Should we have a contest for new themes on OGS? )

Why, if there is something written there, it has some information, and every bit of information is good to keep.
If there is nothing on it, like if it’s made by misclicking “analyze game,” what’s the harm of it, what does it matter if it stays? Review id-numbers go chronologically, and i don’t think it’s the best idea to have tons of deleted id’s all around the database

Not how databases work. =]

Haha, yeah. Databases are pretty far from “my stuff” xD

It’s no urgent problem, just an idea.
Sometimes I feel to play a “serious game” and having to count your
points for yourself is a skill in itself.
You are right, I can just hesitate and don’t click that button.
But besides the “advantage” that my opponent has (if I never use SE),
I catch myself using it anyway from time to time.
In essence more like a bad habit of myself (like I try to never use analysis ingame, but when it’s
enabled, I still go for it sometimes).

In general, no problem at all (if both player are fine with that).
It just happened in tournaments a few times. Both player agreed to play
in pause, but the whole tournament had to wait for weeks.
Could be solved easily if the hosts just kick them out of the tournament though …

There is no real harm and it was just a minor question.
It’s just clogging my profile when I have some reviews shown that are empty.
No priority at all!

The harm in unwanted reviews is that it is impossible to properly keyword reviews, so if I want to find an old interesting review or demo again I have to look through everything.

In my experience OGS’s SE is not accurate enough to be of any use in yose (unless you want to verify quickly that you’re indeed ahead by some 50 points or/and the game is pretty much finished). But in the middle game pressing the “estimate” button repeatedly and looking at how the estimation changes depending on who gets what can suggest you some ideas sometimes… at the very least, it’s entertaining :slight_smile:

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