Review of beginner's game, please? (21k-23k)

If anyone would be kind enough to look over the beginning of this game (up to about move 80) that’d be great.

Because we’re beginners, I think our opponent doesn’t always do “standard” things, and I am curious if I handled that experience OK. There are a couple of what felt like glaring errors as I played them (around moves 10 and 42) … suggestions on that especially welcome.

(In the big picture, I was mostly thinking “OK, he can have all that area he is determined to have, I will just have everything else”).

I took a look.
I tried to present basic ideas, nothing complicated.
Unfortunatelly I think the review would be better suited for your opponent than it is for you. He/she suffered from a very common mistake we all did when we started on the big board, i.e. playing very locally while the opponent gets the rest of the board. You handeled it very well, not getting drawn into a petty fight while the board is wide open. Thus it is kind of hard to comment on your moves because black did not really try to do anything to challenge your position…

Exactly, that’s the spirit :slight_smile:

AAAAAnd right now it is showing up completely blank. Just FYI that’s not one of my weird jokes (for once). There should actually be some text and variations in the review. :smiley: Kind of hoping it will come back. It was the best damn review you have ever seen… :smiley: is this gonna be a reccuring bug? Anyone knows more? I am reluctant to summon Anoek, but this is kind of annoying… I actually put some effort into this (for once)… :smiley:

I can still see it, for what it’s worth.

hmm now I see it partially :smiley: not all of it though

yes. its recurring.
for the most part it seems to be a loading failure, and the data is preserved, except for one strange case, where i lost some parts of a review. in that instance, only comments on the original game tree were missing, while the branches were fine xD.

not sure what to make of it, but youre right… its pretty annoying :slight_smile:.

After skimming through the game, your moves look fine. The “big picture” idea was good, and I only counted a handful of moves I’d really want to change (and only 3 of them were in moves 10-42). That means you’re doing perfectly OK if you ask me. :smiley:

Thanks for helping me out here, and confirming I’m at least on the right track.

I guess it’s easy to do OK against a lower ranked player … if only I could beat someone my own rank :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

But this will certainly help.

There were a couple of absolute gold learnings for me from Adam’s review - two situations where I knew there must be a better way, but didn’t know what, and now I do!