Robots in Terrihill: Werewolf Game 3.5

Anyways can I change it , I don’t want to be the assaulter

Change what? You don’t get to pick your role, it will be assigned to you at the start of the game.

Are you sure you understand the game we will be playing?


Yes but I don’t like my role, I know I can’t change roles but just asking

You don’t have a role, we haven’t started yet. And as I said, the role will be assigned, you don’t get to choose or change.


We’re not playing yet. The poll was to ask what changes we should make to the rules.

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Maybe there is some confusion about the hastily started and aborted “game 4” that was made in this thread:

It seems that @Haze_with_a_Z had already sent out role messages for that game, which was since cancelled.

When we eventually start this game, @Haze_with_a_Z should redraw the roles, since we’ve had one player (Ruby) drop out and another join us (@Sports_for_Life), and since we are discussing whether to remove the roles of cloaker and assaulter from the game entirely.


But haze said I am the assaulter

That was for the game I tried to rush. It was not smart of me to try and rush the game, and that is not your role for this upcoming game.


@Haze_with_a_Z thanks

Did I miss it?

No, not yet.

Majority votes to remove the cloaker, so we shall do that.

Also @Sports_for_Life, have you read the rules?

what is the cloacker

and where are the rules

The rules are at the top and we removed the cloaker.

got it

Are we ready to start at this point? What does everyone think?

It’s been so long I think we need another roll call.

Honestly… I don’t think we’re ready. I’m still not sure if our new players have fully understood the rules and are ready to commit to this game for one or two weeks.

Maybe we need a new call for players in a new thread that explains the requirements and main rules in a “beginner friendly” way.


Good idea

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