Ghosts Werewolf Game 4 Planning

Hi everyone. Short explanation this time so I can start. Rules and a longer story to follow. Also role PMs to follow. Sorry that I am trying to rush the start.

Basically in this game, there are ghosts that can materialize, and they are trying to kill all of the humans, but the humans are trying to defeat all of the ghosts before they all die.

Participants(this is our biggest game on these forums yet :D)

And you may all start chatting.

I promise, I will update this later.

Rules From Last Time.

There will be changes in the schedule and the story soon.


Note: these do not change, you are assigned a role for the entire game. If someone with one of these roles dies, no one else will receive that role. Everyone will know what role each person had when they die because the town decided to inspect each dead person’s house to see if they have any more information about the robots.

Note 2: Since I will be sending the role PMs after I post this, there will be a slight delay from when I post this and when I send those out. Sorry for the inconvenience but I don’t know how to send multiple posts/PMs at once. Please do not quote these PMs that I send, although you can share the information on them.

Robots - The enemies. The goal of the game is to kill them(unless you are a robot. If you are a robot, you win when everyone else is dead. They get to use their laser once per night to kill a human because for some reason, a reaction will occur and stop both of their hearts if they both use an ability and come within a 1 mi radius of each other before a charge. They both go out to kill together, but only one actually does the killing. They are too focused on killing the rest of the townspeople, so they will try and kill someone every night, even if they failed the night before. They know who each other are.

Robot Detective - One of the enemies will get to choose someone to find out that person’s role(except if they are cloaked, see below). The robot detective may inspect the same person multiple nights in a row. They set up a security cameras hidden in someone’s house overnight and, they can see what they have been up to that night.

Detective - One of the non-enemies(normal humans) will get to choose someone to find out that person’s role(except if they are cloaked). The detective may inspect the same person multiple nights in a row. They set up a security cameras hidden in someone’s house overnight and, they can see what they have been up to that night.

Cloaker - One of the non-enemies will get to choose someone to hide their role for one night. The cloaker will give a replacement role for this person(the detectives will see the replacement role if they inspect said person). This affects all detectives. The cloaker may cloak someone as the same role that they actually are(the cloaker wouldn’t know this), but the cloaker may not cloak someone twice in a row. The cloaker may cloak themself. The cloaker uses a special sensor to detect the cameras put in the person’s house that they are visiting. If there are no cameras, he just leaves, and if there are cameras, he will put a video of the person in the house doing an action for a role in front of the camera. He takes special care to stay out of the frame of any cameras set. The cloaker is not required to do this every night.

Protector - One of the non-enemies will get to choose someone to protect for one night. The protector will get to choose one person to protect overnight from the robots. The protector may protect themself. Each night they will set up an electrical trap which messes up the robot’s senses of direction and people. This forces one robot to have to use an ability on both of them to get out of the trap. They then no longer are able to kill, and will go back home without a kill that night. The protector may not protect someone two nights in a row to prevent their identity from being seen by those unwanted robots.

Assaulter - One of the non-enemies will get this role. They have the option to kill someone each night with their really powerful gun. If they do kill someone though, they will die regardless of the person they kill’s role because this gun will also recoil and kill you. The assaulter is not required to perform this action during the game, instead it is just a choice. This action still goes through even if the robots plan to kill you.

Townspeople - Everyone, robot and human. Not everyone receives a special role, but everyone is a townsperson who lives in the town of Terrihill(in addition to your other role).


During each day, there will be an open poll that is set to close when the day phase ends(this means your vote is public to all). Before that, you may change you vote though the poll as much as you want. Voting for no one is an option. In the event of a tie, if everyone has voted for 2 people and it is a tie, both will die, unless it is the final 2 and then nothing will happen. If it is not a tie, whoever has more votes will die. If it is a tie between 3 or more people, or votes have been spread among more than just the 2 people in the tie, no one will be killed because the town was too divided on who to kill.

Day and Night Phases

During the Day phase(48hrs/2d):
Feel free to use this thread to have a discussion with your fellow citizens of Terrihill, and do not talk about this game using other threads or PMs unless you have a rules question(or something similar). You have this time to decide who to vote for, and tell everyone what you think about what you guys should do, and the situation. Each person may talk as much or as little as they want during this period.

During the Night phase(24hrs/1d):
Please do not use this thread to have any sort of discussion. If you are feeling restless overnight, feel free to do something in your own house, but please do not leave your Terrihill house to stage a discussion with your fellow townspeople. To use an ability, you will PM me if you have this option and want to, although please do not spam me with PMs if you do not have an ability. I will mention whether or not you have an ability in your role PMs.

Note: the first day is going to be slightly longer than the rest of the other days so that we can start the game earlier. It will start at 2020-05-07T20:45:00Z and end at 2020-05-10T16:00:00Z.

First end of day: 2020-05-14T02:00:00Z

Hopefully I can make this time work. I will post if I have a conflict, and try and just make it end slightly later.


Voting poll coming soon. After I update/do everything else that I need to do.

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Why the haste? Why not wait a day and have a nice backstory?


Ginger was counting me down and I felt bad. Do you have a name suggestion for the town?

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Sorry if I made you fell bad. I wads just trying to notify everybody :sleepy: I am going to have a class for around 30 to 90 minutes. Sorry if i didn’t reply.

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I’d first figure out the story and give us something proper, we can’t really start like this (at least not for those of us who enjoy the RP). Never mind @ginger2008, since when do they decide when we start the game?

Just so everything is clear: having a class doesn’t matter, it’s not like we’ll be playing and finishing the game within 30 to 90 minutes. It’s going to take days.

Also, please start putting your messages in a single post @ginger2008, it’s kind of unnecessary to spout every blab you’re thinking in a different one. You can edit posts later if you need to add more as well.


Ghosts or robots?


This one is about ghosts. Robots was the one we cancelled.


We could just use the Robots theme again. It’s not like we really have had a chance to exhaust the theme yet, what with a single day of playing. We could even incorporate the previous timeline as one of my character’s fever dreams that turned to reality.

It will also take less setup

Anyways, I’m off to bed now


Well but I don’t know how to change the story to make it good.

Well the main issue is that I feel I shouldn’t repeat the story, so therefore I need to edit my role in the story, and I don’t know what to put my role as. There will be a new person that I create who will die first if we use my old story.

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Everyone on this topic,
What will the theme be for the new game?

Robots or Ghosts

  • Robots
  • Ghosts
  • I don’t care

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@Haze_with_a_Z I suggest we take a few hours to cool down, no rush and I wouldn’t like this to feel like an obligation, we are having fun. I suggest you just use the old theme with the robots, the game was cancelled so it’s like it never happened, we are basically restarting.


Welcome to our new players! :slight_smile:

I also think we should just restart and play with the same topic.
Haze, is it possible to find an ending time for the days/nights that is halfway comfortable for all of us? The ending time you set now is at 4 am for me (my timezone is UTC +2), which is a problem, because usually important discussions and decisions take place in the last hours or even minutes of the “day”, and it would seriously affect the game if some of us could not take part in that.
However, I’m aware that it won’t be easy to find a good ending time, given that we all live in very different timezones.


Please delete or change this. Why would the first game day last less than 48 hours? Especially when it was a surprise for most of the participants that the game would immediately be starting.

@ginger2008, I hope you understand how the timing of the game works and are not just trolling us.


@Eugene, would you like to join as well?

@Haze_with_a_Z, I would worry less about theme and story, but instead be concerned about the general game design, organization, and ensuring that it runs smoothly.

I don’t care what we call the factions or if we forgo the story-telling and role-playing aspects altogether. I care more about the game, which we will all potentially be investing weeks of time into, running smoothly and not getting messed up with disruptions (like people unexpectedly dropping out, or not really understanding how the game/timing works).


Ok. Sorry if i caused any inconvenience as this is my first time playing this through a forum.


We’re playing this game correspondence-style on the forums. The timing is that each “day” phase lasts 48 hours, while each “night” phase lasts 24 hours. It’s anticipated that the game could take up to several weeks (depending the number of players and how it plays out), and to effectively participate, one would need to check in at least a few times during each day phase, and at least once (possibly more if one happens to be a robot/werewolf/ghost) during each night phase.

Does this time commitment work for you?


Yes , thank you :relaxed:


Thanks @yebellz