Round robin questions

If I create a live round-robin tournament, will the system schedule the games consecutively, or will they all be in parallel (so that each player has multiple games at the same time)?

Parallel, thats why RR’s only work for correspondence :confused:

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Incorrect. see: Help - Live Round Robin

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This depends on your interpretation of

Does it mean “cannot be set up” or “are too crazy to operate sensibly”?


It is certainly possible to set it up sensibly as an unusual challenge. We used +30s fischer which was quite flexible.

I would still like to try four person bobsled Live Round-robin on 19x19. As with all custom live tournaments the biggest challenge is in the arranging. :woman_shrugging:

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Ah yes its techically possible, but having 10 ppl playing 9 games simultaneously each with live-timesettings is madness xD

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What’s your goal?
Round Robin means that each player plays simultaneously against every other player.

If you want that each player plays subsequently against every other player, this could take many rounds, which isn’t very common for live tournaments.

Something similar could be Swiss, where each player plays subsequently against different players until a certain number of rounds is reached. The quantity of rounds depends on subscribers number.

There’s also some recent news about tournaments on OGS:

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Round robin just means that each player (or team) plays against every other one. There is nothing about simultaneously. The group stage of the euro finals are round robins but the teams do not play the other three simultaneously, that would be bonkers!

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thanks for the replies. it’s actually a very small round-robin, just 3 players, so that each player would have 2 simultaneous games

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