Score in demo boards

I was wondering if there is a way to “estimate score” in a Demo Board. If not, is there a plan for it to be implemented?

I’m a complete noobie both in GO and in this server. I’m learning to play and sometimes I play on a real board with a friend. Last time we kept a replica of the game in a demo board as we played.
We did it both for the record and so we can try out variations without making mistakes. Also, it would help us make sure we count territory properly.

I guess that maybe we could have used a real game rather than a “Demo Board”… but then it’s the issue of timer, etc…
I don’t know, I just think it would be useful :wink:

PS.- I’m really impressed and thankful for this server!!! great job!!!


It is not currently implemented… perhaps with the new AI scoring that @anoek is implementing in the near future, it could also be added to demo boards?

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Well, one day you will have to learn how to count :grin:

Maybe this will help you.

That would be pretty nice. If you imagine that demo boards are handy for relaying games as well as presenting material to other players, then in some circumstances it could be useful to be able to estimate the score on the board.

It would also be funny to imagine say “I think this position is good for Black” at a certain point of the demo, hit estimate score and katago replies that White has a 90% win rate and is leading by x points :slight_smile: (Not that I expect this is the way it’ll be implemented, but still :slight_smile: )


The timer problem can be fixed by just pausing the game. You can still play as normal, just the timer stop.