Sealed Tourney

Sealed Tourney

This tourney is an opportunity to play some serious, slow time control, games over the course of multiple sessions.

The pairings and results are here. It’s a wiki, so feel free to edit in your session times and results.


Each week you will have one opponent with whom you will arrange and play your game.

It will take several weeks to complete. If there are 6 or fewer players, it will be played round-robin, otherwise it will be played Swiss.

Please comment in post or pm if you believe I have overlooked something in these rules.

Game Rules

All games should be unranked and played using Chinese rules and 7.5 komi on OGS.


Allowed Aids


  • Game Chat/Malko Log

Allowed between (but not during) sessions:

  • Playing out variations on electronic and/or physical boards


  • Consulting with other humans regarding the game
  • Using AI (including but not limited to LeelaZero, Katago, and score estimators)
  • Using position and/or game databases (including but not limited to Waltheri and joseki or fuseki dictionaries)

Time Control

Each game should be played with time control of 2h30m +3x30s/byo-yomi.

Also see “Sealed Move” section below.



If there are 6 or fewer players, the Tourney will be conducted Round-Robin, otherwise it will be conducted with Swiss.

I will use Challonge to track the pairings, but will use this thread as a backup should that prove unworkable for whatever reason. Regardless, I will post each week’s pairings sometime on the Sunday of the week in question.


Each week, each participant should contact their designated opponent via forum and/or OGS pm. The two players should make mutual reasonable effort to arrange a time UTC at which they can both begin each of their two sessions.


Upon reaching agreement, one (or both) of the players should post in this thread and/or pm me with the agreed upon time/date so that it can be added to that week’s docket. An easy way to accomplish that if the agreement was reached via forum pm is to invite me (@Samraku) to the pm thread.

While players are highly encouraged to make all reasonable effort to schedule and complete their games within the week, leeway will be extended if the following conditions are met:
a) they can show reasonable effort on their part to arrange the game in a timely manner
b) they are not unduly postponing the Tourney by their delay.

If one player is unresponsive to attempts by the other to arrange the game, the second player may request an adjudicated win by forfeit.

If both players are unable to arrange a mutually agreeable game time despite mutual effort, they can request an adjudicated draw.

Sealed Move

Each game will be played over two sessions. The first session will conclude, if not ending due to the game being completed, with a sealed move, which will only be revealed to the opponent at the advent of the next session.



When the first session begins, the players must make a note in chat containing the following information (exact wording not required as long as the information is clearly communicated):
a) This game is being played over two sessions using a sealed move between the sessions.
b) This is session one, starting at <time>.
c) After three hours, one player will seal a move and pause the game.
d) The game will resume and be played to completion at <resumption time/date>.

One or both players should also provide me, either via forum or OGS pm, or in this thread, a link to their game. I will then add the link to the weekly pairings post so that other players can view the game.

When the second session begins, the players must make a note in chat containing the following information (exact wording not required as long as the information is clearly communicated):
a) This is session two, starting at <time>.
b) The game will be played to completion this session.

This procedure is intended to ensure that the players are on the same page, as well as explaining what is going on to future and current spectators.

Sealing the Move

Once the three hours of the first session have elapsed, each player has the option to seal a move instead of playing. The player to play then decides on a move but does not play it. Instead, once they have settled on their decision (with their clock still running), the player to play should type their sealed move into the Malkovich Log (Accessed by left-clicking on the word “chat” to the left of the chat input box. It will be visible to spectators but not the opponent until after the game. (alternatively, you may use a hash to conceal your move and paste the hash in the game chat)), and then pause the game. It should still be the turn of the player sealing their move, according to OGS. It is the responsibility of the player sealing the move to ensure it is unambiguous and legal.

Both players should then acknowledge that the game is paused until the resumption date/time. Unpausing by either player before this occurs is grounds for adjudicated loss by forfeit. Play of moves (with the exception of the sealed moves at the beginning of the second session) while the game is paused is disallowed.

When both players arrive for the resumption of the game, the player who sealed a move should play on the board their sealed move, and then unpause the game. No moves other than the sealed move may be played while the game is paused.

If one player fails to show up, the players may work it out for themselves or ask a moderator or the TD for a win by forfeit to the present player at the present player’s discretion.

Thereafter the game continues normally to conclusion.



Rights of the TD:

  • To update the rules, such as to codify precedent or to prophylactically handle ambiguities or vaugities in the rules.
  • To make final decisions regarding cases in the following situations:
    • The case is appealed at the discretion of the moderator handling the case.
    • Two or more moderators both having valid claims to original jurisdiction in the case have arrived at different rulings and are unable to reconcile the discrepancy among themselves.
    • A moderator’s ruling on a case has failed to adhere to reasonable application of the rules, in the TD’s estimation.
    • The TD chooses to exercise original jurisdiction on any case, esp. as pertains to an ambiguity or vagueness in these rules, at their discretion.
  • To assign original jurisdiction to a moderator of their choice in the case that no moderator has yet had it.
  • To decline appellate jurisdiction of a particular case in favor of the decision of the moderator having original jurisdiction.
  • To adjudicate individual games as wins, losses, or draws.
  • To disqualify players from the tourney.
  • To appoint moderators at discretion, contingent on the candidate’s agreement.
  • To play in the tourney.

Rights of Moderators:

  • To make rulings regarding the application of these rules to specific tournament situations.
  • To adjudicate individual games as wins, losses, or draws in accordance with these rules.
  • To appeal cases to the TD at their discretion.
  • To play in the tourney.

Rights of Players:

  • To contact a moderator or the TD (or to ping them all, or all online ones, or any other subset) to ask for a ruling regarding a dispute between them and one or more other players.
  • To ask the moderator with original jurisdiction over a case which they are involved in to appeal the case to the TD.
  • To ask the TD to review a case.
  • To play in the tourney.

In any case involving one or more moderators and/or the TD, a disinterested moderator or TD should take original jurisdiction. If no such person exists, the TD should find a 3rd party to moderate the case, making all reasonable efforts to make such party amenable to all interested parties.


In order to join, pm me (@Samraku) either here or on OGS, or post in this thread, and I will add you to the list.

The tourney will begin 2020-06-28T04:00:00Z.

Current Players
  • chartreuse
  • GOkyle
  • S_Alexander
  • Samraku

I’m in!


Sounds fun! I’ll play!

I do have a couple questions, though:

How does one set the initial time to 90 minutes? When I just tried on OGS (with live fischer time settings) the highest I could set both the initial and max time was 60 minutes.

All games will be played even, then?
Edit: By ‘even’ I mean ‘no handicap.’

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Yeesh. I assumed OGS would support that since it’s such a normal sort of thing to set. I think I’ll have to change it to byo-yomi even though I prefer how fischer time gets out of your way and lets you concentrate on playing the game.

Yes, this is correct.

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I have changed the time control type to byo-yomi. I have aimed to maintain the 5-6 hour total game time I was aiming for, so hopefully that pans out. Keeping the byo-yomi period short is on purpose as I want the decision of where to spend one’s main time to still be an interesting decision. I want to discourage players from going into byo-yomi early.

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I don’t know if I like the byo-yomi change. 30s byo-yomi is exactly why I don’t like playing live games.

I think the Fischer time from the TMG tournament worked pretty well. Adjusting that for the double moves would mean roughly 30m + 80s / move Fischer, which is possible on OGS.

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I don’t like it either; I’d prefer Fischer, but I specifically want the main time to represent most of each player’s thinking time, and not to encourage not using all of one’s time as the game draws to a close.

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I don’t like the high increment because as the game draws to a close, there is less to think about, and thus the increment becomes too high.

in the endgame, I agree. But 60m maintime will be gone for me while still in midgame, when I usually feel the most need to think.

If it’s byo-yomi, I think I won’t participate.

If the increment is high, then there is a perverse incentive to get to byo-yomi early, as you will then be spending more total thinking time by the end of the game than your opponent. By making it low, this behavior is discouraged as there is a cost to that strategy of lacking time at critical moments which may arise. So a low byo-yomi actually allows you to avoid the stress of byo-yomi, counterintuitively.

Sure, but that’s not my experience with byo-yomi. I don’t like timing to be any factor of my strategy, and Fischer is the most lenient in this regard.

But I guess we don’t have to discuss personal preferences, I’ll play if it’s Fischer, and if it’s byo-yomi I’m dropping out. :slight_smile:

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As I said, I prefer Fischer largely for that reason, but OGS doesn’t support time controls this long.


Week 1 (29 Jun., 2020)

Week 2 (5 Jul., 2020)

Week 3 (13 Jul., 2020)

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Match schedule for myself and GOkyle has been set.

Looking forward to playing!


Aw, you should’ve bumped it up. I didn’t see we got next pairings.


Good idea; I’ll do that in the future.

Round 3 pairings are up; sorry for the delay.

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It’s single round-robin, right? That means it’s over for me, all three games played. You guys are a little bit too hard for me, I should’ve lost all three games. Maybe in the future we can get someone weaker to play.


You are correct; it looks like the only game left is me vs. @chartreuse. Speaking of, when would you be available to play, chartreuse?

Regarding the future, I would like to do another one of these, probably with 3h main time followed by 60s byo-yomi 1x and called something like “361 [noun]”; open to suggestions as to what that noun should be. Still played over 2 sessions, but I think the doubling of byo-yomi time will be a welcome change for some players, so maybe we can get @Vsotvep to join this time. :smiley: I also plan to add a “1” to the end of the name as I am enjoying these thought-heavy games and would like to continue with them as long as there are other people who are of a like mind.

I’ll probably want to set the start date roughly 2 weeks from first posting it to give time for registration. I’m debating whether or not I should try and promote it in the English chat; most people don’t frequent the forums, but for the most part we have a very amiable crowd here who follow the rules. I might have to start actually using all the moderation powers I gave myself in the rules if we start inviting people from the main site. Is there any opinion on whether a disqualified player’s games completed before they were dq’d should be retroactively adjucated as losses? I think the norm is to not do this, but one thing I’ve noticed happens in fast-correspondence round-robin tournaments, is that you may resign a game against a player, who is then disqualified for timing out, meaning you lost out on a win that the more stubborn players got. I’ll stick with what I perceive to be the standard (legitimately completed games should stand) unless there’s a compelling reason to change, but it is an interesting edge case.

I’m joining if it’s not byo-yomi, or if the byo-yomi is more towards 5 minutes. If I’m going to spend a lot of time thinking on a game, I don’t want it ruined by a mistake I made near the end of the game because I had only 60 seconds.

What exactly is wrong with having it be 30s/move Fischer?

Or how about 20x2m byo-yomi without main time? You have to move within 2 minutes, but can sometimes take a bit longer.