Site Supporter Issue

Keep being asked to " disable ADBlock or better still become a Site Supporter " which I am already. When I click " become a Site Supporter " it tells me ( correctly ) that I am already.
This is very annoying. Tried logging out then back in.


Have you tried clearing your cookies?


Yes. Hasn`t made any difference. Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ll check on this tonight

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It transpires that this problem was nothing to do with OGS and everything to do with a recently defunct credit card that I had forgotten to remove from my paypal account. My apologies to all who took the time to reply. I`m feeling very stupid.


Sorry for reviving this old issue but I have the same problem as @Nails. It only started today but I’ve been a supporter for many months and my ad blocker has been also installed and active for many months. I tried deleting my cookies but it didn’t help.
My user name is rold2007 (
By the way, is there a place where I can validate and view my current paying method ? When I go on the supporter page I can see very basic info but not much more.

According to your profile you are not site supporter(anymore). Did you check your card?

Then the supporter page is wrong.

I did stop and restarted my support in January 2016. I was using Paypal before but it was causing me extra fees so I switched to my credit card, which is still valid.


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Here are my last 3 transactions (I replaced sensitive information by XXX):
Feb 7, 2016 8:38:43 PM Supporter account, Credit card ending in XXX 3.00 7xfh6m
Jan 29, 2016 6:02:40 AM Supporter account, PayPal account XXX 3.00 3G440549HB151313C
Dec 29, 2015 5:08:24 AM Supporter account, PayPal account XXX 3.00 0H995862T75734145

My history shows that I used to pay on the 29th of each month. I probably changed my payment method on Feb 7th (I thought I did it in January), but I would expect this to bring me up to March 7th. In any case, it proves I did do at least one valid payment with my credit card.

Anything else I could verify ?

I’ll check on this tomorrow


Sorry to say so, but: same problem here.

Me too. I suspect it’s because my credit card had expired. Can I simply click the ‘donate’ button and set it up again?

Suggestion: try to get some statistics on how people would like to pay. Obviously I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the current option of paying something every month via Paypal.
Personally, I’d like to pay €20/year by any of: credit card, direct bank transfer, or bitcoin. I will never, ever, use any method that involves Paypal (why?). It’s not worth even a few minutes of the developers’ time to enable one person to donate €20/year but maybe if you found out that there were X users who wanted to use direct transfer, Y users who wanted to use bitcoin, etc you could identify which method is worth some effort to enable.

Credit card payment are possible, that’s how i roll :3
Also you can choose your montly payment from 1 USD to 25 USD, so 20e/y is about 2d/m

But I don’t want piddly little charges cluttering up my credit card bill every month. I want to pay €20, and then not see ads for a year.

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@Nickj The current issue is about seeing adds when already a supporter. If you would like to discuss or suggest new payment methods/schedule I suggest that you make yourself heard on this discussion, the link points to a similar request.

Hey @matburt, any progress on this issue so far ?

The problem was resolved by itself. I guess the automatic payment on March 8th helped. I hope my vacation days were properly computed during that time.

Sorry folks, been pretty busy but I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ll check on this this evening.