Smallest Groups With Two Eyes

Smallest Groups With Two Eyes

Today somebody on FB asked about the well-known poster which Yellow Mountain Imports used to sell … I couldn’t find it on their Web site anymore, so I searched Sensei’s Library, found a quite similar diagram there, thought it might be nice to have this as a graphic for free sharing, and thus I created one.

Not quite press quality but I think it’s big enough for printing in good quality on inkjet and laser printer (the actual image is bigger than the preview). Share wide and fare if you think it’s helpful :slight_smile:

Board created from the SGF in the article Smallest Groups With Two Eyes on Sensei’s Library, using [Ilya Kirillov’s Web Go Board browser plugin] ( — (Chrome & OperaNext | Firefox)

If you have the plugin you can just click the SGF link under the Eidogo player above to open it in a new tab using this plugin.


Wow! Beginner player here. This is very useful.

I was thinking on making a sort of flashcards set with problems on one side and answers on the other. Will defo add this as a quick reminder!

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Just also as a reminder: these are just the Minimal Life Shapes, NOT to be taken as a suggestion for the architecture of one’s games :slight_smile:


Though that could be an interesting variant. Whoever makes the most groups of minimal size wins.

You’d have to add in some extra rules so that most games between similarly skilled players had at least a few scoring groups. Probably a rule against moves that are worth negative points in Japanese scoring at the very least. And maybe a rule that says that no player is required to fill in dame before counting if it would connect a scoring group to another group, thereby losing a score-point.

And probably some extra rules that would become clear as players found loopholes to exploit. But could be a fun variant.

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I think you found an SGF file that demonstrates a bug in OGS’s SGF parser. It seems that an escaped right bracket \] is causing issues.

[quote=“yebellz, post:5, topic:7616”]
I think you found an SGF file that demonstrates a bug in OGS’s SGF parser.[/quote]
Thanks, “I found” may be a little exaggerated — IF it is so then it’s you who realized it :wink:

Notifying @anoek and @matburt.

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Here’s another version with photo-realistic rendering by BesoGo

See this link to render the above

*edit: fixed link (figured out how to prevent auto-eidogo widget)


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Wow, that looks purdy kewl, @yebellz! (I have moved the rest of the discussion to BesoGo: yet another web-based SGF editor)

Useful and pretty!

bugcat touches electrodes to the corpse of a long-dead thread



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