[split topic] Really useless oftopic chat(well some people think it is useless, but I don’t 😉)

koba thinks its time to bump this up again and make an example about good kinda of necroing

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I think that your comment is something that is not needed regardless of how old the post is. Also you are just making me want to necro something even more. What can I necro now? Maybe I can necro my thread about why some topics automatically close and some don’t. That is related to necroing somewhat, so I can necro it therefore :stuck_out_tongue:


If the topic was made yesterday, I could post that comment so therefore, it is good necroing because it has a valid reason.

Now we get our own topic for this :smiley:
Would Koba’s original post still be considered necroing after it was moved here? Now I want to know.
@BHydden, what do you say? What about you @HHG?

I don’t know! BHydden should be the one to decide, as he is a moderator, after all (and a very active one at that!)

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You two seem absolutely hell bent on finding the EXACT LINE on how much trolling you can do without getting punished for it… Might I suggest you both change course entirely rather than attempting to toe the line?


Simple bumping of an old topic is certainly bad style. Image a good old thread filling up with “let’s bump this”, “nice topic”, etc.


I am not trolling on the main site. At least I don’t think I am. Am I?

I am kind of curious though and I end up with a lot of stupid questions I want to know more about(even if many of them are the stupidest things, such as “What if a mod calls a tournament game a tie?”)

I wouldn’t call what I do trolling. Sorry if it is. :no_mouth:

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About 80% of what you do is fine, it’s mostly just the questions along the lines of can I necro a whole bunch of threads just for amusement. AFAIK you’re behaving well on the main site, but I proportionally spend more time here :slight_smile:


So questions are trolling? Also since a whole 20% is not fine, does that mean liking too much stuff is also not fine? If not, what else do I do?

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You can like what you want. It doesn’t really impact anyone, the number was vague not precise you shouldn’t read too much into it…


But I already did.

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I think that trying to “find the line” is exactly the sort of trolling that Bhydden was flagging.

The line is always grey. That’s why there are moderators to help navigate it.

If you find that you are close to the grey zone, please steer away, don’t commence a negotiation about exactly where crossing the line will be.



This is random, but at this point 3 out of my 4 bookmarks are for this topic(3 different posts). The other one is a PM with discobot that discobot was refusing to listen to anything I was telling him(I know he is a bot, but I thought he was an AI).

Part of the problem is that I don’t always know where this grey line is, or I just don’t realize that the grey line is bad in every instance, and then try to talk about it because I get curious. Sorry to the moderators, and anyone that my recent chat has harmed mentally(or just annoyed people). I didn’t try to annoy people on purpose, just see what is allowed and disallowed, which turned into a grey line discussion on what I can/can’t do on this site. Sorry again, and I will try to not do it again in the future.

I have been trying to get Leela to explain her moves to me, but sadly she doesn’t reply to me either.

People tried talking to the AI Watson once on television, but they could only get him to reply with questions, making for a rather lousy conversationalist.

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You saw nothing. It was modeled after the LLL. I also added a link to bugcat’s profile above. I wonder why I mentioned quizlet to him because why is an OGS bot going to go on a different website? I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess it was just me being stupid(in addition to thinking it was an AI).

Why I gave up:

Every single time I tried to say something to him.

I wrote a bunch also how he should stay positive as you just saw. It frustrated me how he didn’t say anything new. Why discobot? Why do you have to be so negative?

Bots should be able to talk, and discobot should be able to learn new things.

You do realise that discobot is programmed to recognise three or four basic commands (displaying tutorial, rolling dice, providing random quotes and fortune cookies), and for the rest will simply return that it’s a poorly programmed bot?

It’s not going to learn anything, comparable to how a teapot isn’t going to learn anything from what you tell it: it’s not capable of learning (or understanding conversation, for that matter).


I know that now. I didn’t know that a month ago, so I was trying to do that. I don’t know how I got in my head that it would know what I was saying. I was just stupid.

Misunderstanding something you’re unfamiliar with and then learning that you’re wrong in no way means you’re stupid. On the contrary, I’d say learning from being wrong is an indication of intelligence. Besides, that’s how we’re trying to get better at go as well - being wrong and then trying to not be as wrong nest time.


Let me continue this
A- apple :apple:
B- burger :hamburger:
C- cake :cake:
D- dot​:red_circle::orange_circle::yellow_circle::green_circle::large_blue_circle::purple_circle::black_circle::white_circle::brown_circle:
E- elephant :elephant:
F- family :family_man_woman_girl_boy:
G- go​:black_circle::white_circle:
H- hat :tophat:
I - ice :ice_cube:
J - jogging :running_woman:
K- king :crown:
L- lame :unamused:
M- moderator :man_judge: :woman_judge:
N- nap :sleeping:
O- ooh :hushed:
P- pear :pear:
Q- question ?
R- ride🎢
S- supper🍱
T- tea :tea:
U- unicorn :unicorn:
V- vegetable :corn:
W-watermelon :watermelon:
X- X❌
Y- yo-yo :yo-yo:
Basic shapes
Thanks for reading and hope you learned a lot today in this online learning section
Also it says it is a off topic chat so we have to go off topic

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