Statistics from a 27M game sample

Interesting. I didn’t know that. Does that include when they are writing in English?

Yes, and a comma to mark off decimals, I believe, like the French? See my remark about the resolution of the 22nd GC [etc], above.

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Ditto for Aussies.


Yes, e. g. the number pi is 3,14159… in Germany.

Go is the universe.
You need to fly through the board.

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update: Statistics from a 27M game sample - #61 by stone_defender


These statistics are getting better and better!

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Could you show the widest path? This would show the most popular fuseki.

Path? I just work with these pictures Statistics from a 27M game sample - #2 by le_4TC

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Oh, sorry, I thought you were processing the data from scratch.

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Less LSD for you…

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Stoned defender?


Gives a new meaning to playing high stones.


Italians would write 1’000’000,1 but we don’t like very much separators for thousands. Often we don’t use them.


Outcome for about 2 millions correspondence games:


Timeouts and resignations are about the same.
Score is a little less.
The rest is negligible.

Full data
Outcome # of games
Timeout 714364
Resignation 704620
Score 502559
Cancellation 18125
Moderator Decision 2498
Disconnection 1888
Abandonment 1554
Disqualification 880
Ladder Withdrawn 707
Decision 116
Stone Removal Timeout 95
TD Decision 20
Opponent’s account was removed 7
Game not started 4
Banned user 1
Total 1947438

Same chart for about 25 millions “live” games:


These aren’t actually only live games: they are all games that lasted less than 24h.
Correspondence games should be negligible respect to actual live games in this pool, though.

Here timeouts are way less than resignations and scored games.
The fourth dark dot is for cancellations. There’s quite a lot of them!

Full data
Outcome # of games
Resignation 11819439
Score 8994888
Timeout 2621521
Cancellation 1355684
Disconnection 182054
Moderator Decision 5715
Disqualification 696
Ladder Withdrawn 155
Stone Removal Timeout 76
TD Decision 27
Admin 1
Request 1
Total 24980257

I don’t suppose you can make a histogram of “estimated score” for the resigned games, could you?

Out of curiosity, what are these two?


Two games from 2014.


Weird. What are admin and request, and why were they only used once?

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I don’t know. :slight_smile:
OGS was young. :smiley:

Next question: do people (creating games) want analysis disabled?
Orange: Yes!
Blue: I don’t care.


Did that change through years?
Not much.


decreased number of layers, increased distance between layers
looks better:

but its hard to reduce gif size

enough Gimp, time to do something in Excel


Matt Parker has entered the chat...

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