Strange Scoring

In this game I passed 3 times and got the option to accept the AI’s result. I was happy to let my opponent fill dame, so I went to click pass but I believe I must have clicked to accept the AI’s result instead, as it wasn’t my turn and the game then ended.

Anyway the point is that it says “B wins by Server Decision (100.0% B+34.4)”, however the board is scored incorrectly with B at 51 points and W at 101.5.

So what’s going on here?

I’m not sure but I think the score on the player cards is maybe the estimate (i.e. highly questionable) score whereas the result is determined by proper AI and that’s what’s used in practice.

I guess it should really be synced when the game finishes but I suppose the server decision thing breaks that somehow

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When game ends by server decision, just ignore the painting of territories.
AI decides who is likely to win, not actual counting process. This is graphical bug. If fixed, nothing will be painted in games that end by server decision.


So it let the player who wasn’t passing end the game by server decision? I think this ought be changed

This has been a big point of discussion here:

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Yeah, I was planning to post in that thread if @SeasnaiIs28 confirmed that the player who was not passing was given the option to end the game.

I don’t mind playing beginners, and if I think they’re beginners and not trolling, I don’t usually mind letting them play out moves after endgame. This may naturally result in me passing several times in a row while they play, but I would have in that case no intention to end the game, and I think it should be in my control. I am still playing in that case specifically to let them see how the game concludes naturally so that they will better understand the shortcuts which are used in scoring, and letting them just end it by AI decision completely wastes the effort I’ve gone through to help them in that way


I honestly don’t know how the game ended. It’s possible I clicked the AI result button, but I certainly didn’t intend to. I was just very confused when the game ended unexpectedly and it said I had both won and lost, and the way it had painted the areas was all wrong.

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Alright, I’ll continue keeping my ears open for more information on whether or not the opponent of the passing party can end the game by AI decision

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I made a post in the relevant thread about this issue

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