Streamer Rengo battle!

We’re all super excited that rengo has been implemented on OGS!

:dolphin:Sofiam​:dolphin: reached out to me about doing a celebratory collab, so we asked a couple other streamers to play with us. 2022-01-07T21:00:00Z, four of us will be going live to play Rengo on-stream together!

Since it’s so last-minute, we decided to do the simplest thing, which is (for us) to have all four streamers stream simultaneously.

The teams are as follows:

BenKyo361 and Sofia_the_Knife vs TelegraphGo and me (Gooplet).

We will use a “multistream” tool - you can choose to watch any one of us individually by going to our respective Twitch channels, or you can watch all four simultaneously at this link -


I’ve heard of something similar on twitch

Squad streaming

I haven’t tried it out though or watched too many people use it.

Sounds cool though anyway!

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I once watched Dwyrin playing against Haylee.
It was on YouTube and I was able to put each one of them in a different screen.
It was super fun since I could hear thoughts of both players, but I had to pause them one at a time, so it was quite long.

I can’t even imagine how to manage four streams together! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Squad streaming is a feature exclusively for Twitch Partners, unfortunately.


You can actually have 3 of us on mute and just tune in to one; we’re going to be on a voice call together.

We might periodically mute ourselves to the group call, and just talk to our individual chat, but we haven’t had much time to plan things so we’re going to be doing this on the fly.


Oh sad the game is over :frowning: missed it :stuck_out_tongue:

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It was so much fun we will definitely do it again :smiley: It was very last-minute, so we figured a lot of people would miss it. In the future, we’ll be more organized, and might try consolidating everything to one stream rather than multi-streaming.

I’m pretty sure all four of us recorded VODs of it as well, if you’re interested


This is definitely fun, and so glad you guys organize this.

And the historian in me, feels like this is a moment to remember. It might be a turning point for Go streaming future.


That can’t be right … Rengo is just a fringe feature for a fringe group of people. It will never be remotely popular .