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I see that has a nice “studies” section, where everyone can post their analysis on board positions, and readers can comment and ask questions. Why there is no such thing on :confused:


There is already, which is pretty much what you’re searching for, I think

Not quite. On gokibitz you can review games, but you cannot setup lessons on specific parts of theory, like how to use influence properly, how to develop stones, eye shapes and so on. Sensei’s library is a goldmine of information about this stuff, but it lacks the possibility of interacting with a goban, which is a pity; and YouTube is just not practical at all.

In that case, we do have demo boards, where you could interact, but I guess that lacks the ability to comment on specific board postions (it’s actually there, but hidden: above each comment it’s stated on which move it is made, and clicking on it will bring the board position to that move)

Ok, I’ll try to be more precise.

Imagine a book about go theory. You’ll have chapters in it, each covering a single part of the main subject. You can read explanations and look at diagrams that allow you to understand better. What I would like to have is something like this, but with the added ability to interact with the diagrams, try out the moves and analyze them, and asking questions to the author. These studies should be listed in a searchable directory and available to everyone.

Nice idea :slightly_smiling_face: But what about just using the forums? :thinking: You can make a demo board, post screenshots, explain with text, and link the demo for people to interact. People can post replies with questions, comments, etc. What more would a study section offer beyond what we can already get from the forums?

There are many studies in the forum. No specific section but you can run a search. Keyword “position” for example returns interesting topics.

You can easely copy links with demos or screenshots so don’t hesitate to open your own study!

@dragon-devourer well, in the absence of better options I guess it can be done as you say. But in that case some problems arise:

  1. In a complex study, the author has to post multiple links to different demo boards.
  2. No one (except for the author) can comment on a position directly on the demo board.
  3. Likewise, it would not be easy for readers to refer to a single position in a diagram or propose a different variant.
  4. It’s not easy to find a specific study in a forum. Say you would like to learn more about the Chinese fuseki: you’ll have to filter through many discussions that mention “Chinese fuseki” before you find what you are looking for (provided it’s there).
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You can share the same demo board. Different users can put their variation and name it too.

But yes if we define a bit more precisely in what go studies differs from go discussion, why not a new category?

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I think you guys should go take a look at, under the “study” section (if looking at chessboards doesn’t make your eyes bleed :joy:). There is no comparison to what one can do on a forum, it’s like running the tour the France on a baby’s tricycle :sweat_smile:


I’m no chess player and still had a look. Didn’t find studies group but watch a bit of a lecture in the study chapter but that was not what you want to talk?
The characteristic of each game may change the way we present it, a diagram is easier for go without movement of pieces to animate btw.

Anyway you can have a look or even join
our study game for example.

I’m talking about this and this. I see no reason why it shouldn’t work for go as well.

(Again, I’m not talking about study games).

Checked out @kokalos links and admit that the lichess study facility is impressive.
In my opinion this could be a significant improvement for OGS.
Can also imagine that teachers like @mark5000 would be happy to use this study facility.


In theory we could just add comments to puzzle collections and we’d be a big chunk of the way there.

True, but not an ideal solution.
Comments section is rather small.

Comments are not exactly a big section on lichess?

Anyway I think if you want to make lessons puzzles on OGS are the way to go. Set up whatever you want, put them in the order you want, you can add a comment to each branch of the puzzle which it will show to the user when then play that move.

It’s missing the comments features of lichess is the thing I was pointing out.

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@shinuito I have little programming experience but it seems to me that most of the code is already there, scattered among different sections of the site. Making a new “study” section would be a matter of gluing them together. But I may be wrong, of course.

I think even if it’s just a matter of gluing the code sections together, the studies would need to be stored, presumably on the servers, with everything else, and there’s only one developer that can do that.

So it could be a while off before anything like that will be down. In theory anyone could help develop a frontend, the layout etc for it. I suppose one could start that as a project and then ask for backend support afterward.

It’s still unclear what you mean @Atorrante ?

Nice idea, nice discussion, but somehow I have the feeling this is not getting a high priority on anoek’s to do list.