The all-in-one democratic game

Here we go!

The game is: HERE

Everyone is invited to suggest a move or vote for it! You will be black or/and white, it doesn’t matter.
You can jump in whenever you want, and get out too although I hope you’ll stay and share more of your own ideas to us.

Please keep this thread to play the game (suggestions and discussions, votes and results)

Please use This original topic here if you want to discuss the rules and the processing of the game.


Everyone can suggest one move only but it should come with a few words. You can put variations on the game demo record. You can use the chat of the demo too. You can use this topic too.

Please confirm clearly your move suggested here in this topic for convenience.

You play alternatively both sides but if you decide to play one side only, don’t play the other if you don’t try to make it win too.

When 3 suggestions have been made, a poll can be created which include a fourth: “another suggestion”

The poll is closed after 24hrs

Indeed if someone find a move not in the poll, he can still propose it during the poll and people can vote for it too, all by posting answers in this topic.

The move with highest votes( including the votes in the answers for moves not included in the poll) will be played.
In case of tie for first place: A new 24hr poll with only the suggestions in tie is made.
In case it’s still a tie. The move is chosen by luck.

SPEEDING POLL (for a move)

Sometimes players may agree that there is only one move to be played.

How to proceed:

If 2 players agreed that there is only 1 move then a speed poll can be open with one option only (vote for this move)

The poll runs as long as:

The poll reach 50% of the quantity of voters from the poll of the move played just before (100% if it was a speed poll too)
someone make a new suggestion with argumentation.

If no one make a new suggestion then the move is played, else the poll is cancelled and a new poll created.

SPEEDING POLL (for a sequence of moves)

Same procedure with the whole sequence be put to vote once.
Only restriction is to have explicite agreement between as many players as moves in the sequence to launch the speed poll.
When a suggestion is made it cancel only the move it replaced and the subsequent one, so the speed vote can still run for the moves before.

Please be as explicit as possible when submitting a speed poll, write speed poll ,names of players, coordinates in the topic and launch the poll asap. Goban welcome too .

(19x19, Chinese rules).
We’ll start the suggestion mechanism from the second move.

The first move on a 19x19 board is a well known matter, I would be surprised if a new idea would point out (but still one of the option in the poll)

At the time of the second move I will then post an updated set of the rules.
For our first move, I would like to play:

  • 2-2
  • 3-3
  • 4-4
  • 5-5
  • 3-4
  • 3-5
  • 4-5
  • 3-6
  • 4-6
  • 10-10
  • 9-10
  • 9-9
  • 8-10
  • something else (please propose and explain us)

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The poll will be closed on 2020-09-03T17:00:00Z


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I voted for tengen, but am also willing to try 3-3.

After all, with all of this recent post-AI-fuseki craze of early 33 invasions, surely, playing at 33 preemptively must be good, right?


See this meme


Seems AI still prefers 4x4 as 3x3 at very beginning, don’t ask me why!
Still 3x3 is an interesting idea to me too, we don’t have to just reproduce AI behavior for sure, I encourage everyone to play their own taste/ideas.
In my last games I tend to start with a 4x4 so I voted for it.

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Somewhat of a crowd sourced self-play game. Seems interesting. I voted for 4-4.


Come on people! Not 4-4, we play 4-4 every day in our boring everyday Go lives already! Let’s go for 3-3! Chill out in the corner and stuff!


Is it good when you have to play yourself though?

Maybe the ai doesn’t like it playing against itself :slight_smile:



you’re going about it all wrong. you gotta go 10-10 instead


TENGEN 天元 2020

Make Go Great Again!

Are we allowed to form political parties, action committees, secret societies?
What about private discussion in secret cabal meetings?


I feel my tiny 3-3 faction, although noble in the pursuit of a better world, is doomed to fail against the memetic power of the Heaven’s Origin…

I’ll agree to play Tengen.

But the second move better be 3-3!


Oh my, perhaps I should come up with a chant for the 4-4 party…

Four-four, four-four

Push that Tengen out the door!

No? Well, I tried… Better abandon ship. I’ll switch to the 3-3 faction. (…he said as he realized that he was switching to an even less favored team)


My hero! That gives me courage to keep trying!

Now, for a 3-3 slogan…


makes SENSE

These campaigns are funny :smiley:


(3-5) point


We aim to im*press*, enclose your vote with us.

(5-4) point


Corners are for squares, side with us.


I have so far seen @Samraku, @RubyMineshaft and @yebellz willing to play 3-3, but only 2 votes are for 3-3 at the moment. Where are you people in these desperate times of need?

To the single 2-2 voter: Hi there neighbour! We seem to agree on many parts of our policy. Perhaps you would consider merging with our party?


5-7. The elegant compromise between much influence and an awful lot of influence. We’re playing the long game here.


Something a bit curious is that between the players who chose the 3x4, no one yet came to push it. And it’s a move I often meet in my own games. So?

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Perhaps they only work in the shadows …


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I voted for the disinherited orphan of modern go: 3-4.


Should I interpret this as a kind of compassion vote?