The OGS Joseki Dictionary is live

Hi All,

I’m pleased, (and a bit trepidatious), to let you know that the OGS Joseki Dictionary is now live.

You can read the doco here.

Thanks to the sterling efforts of @mark5000, @shinuito and others it is already populated with enough joseki to be at least “interesting”, and I think useful. It’s awesome how they jumped in with all that entry work.

If you are willing to help add good joseki, and qualified to do that, please do let me know and I will add you to the editors list. It’s not “open to everyone” in order to avoid vandalism and low quality content, but will certainly need ongoing contribution to stay relevant, and grow in usefulness, so please go for it.

For issues and suggestions, post in this thread.


(Known issue: there appears to be a quirk with displaying the board the first time, occasionally.

Anoek appears to have fixed it, yay. If this happens, shift-reload also fixes - can you let us know if you’re still getting it, thanks)


I’m happy to see first josekipedia analog. Thanks.



I would like to add some variations, if I find something obvious missing. EGF 3d.


Will this be linked anywhere from the main menus for easy access?


Hi. That’s a really nice addition to OGS. I was using the dailyjoseki website but it seems to lack new variations.
I have tried a bit and it’s really cool. Congratulations!

Yet I am a bit lost with the “Play” feature. I don’t really understand how it is working and how to clear the messages on the left.

But I guess updates will come and it will be better and better :slight_smile:
Thanks again and keep it up!


Thanks to all who made this possible! I am sure that it will serve OGS well. :grinning:


Thanks to everyone that contributes to this project.
I think it would be great if all the modern AI variations could be added, especially for popular josekis like the complicated 3-3 variations or infamous ones like the magic sword


Oh, wow. I’ll definitely use this to improve my play. Thank you for all the work you put in, also great props for the contributers.

Edit: After first experiments, I am wondering how you deal with josekis like an attack on a corner enclosure.

If I play the first stone with black, my intuition was to pass as white, then take the enclosure. I thought I would then be presented with white attacking choices. I am lost how to get to those kinds of josekis. (with uneven starting moves in one corner)?


How would I find this through links on the site?


Click on the hamburger menu in the upper left hand of the page. There is the Joseki link right below the Puzzles option. Hopefully that helps!


This is a great feature! I would be happy to add joseki to the database. One of my favorites has not yet been added. Thank you!


Hello. Although I’m a mere 6 Kyu, I do have a Korean ‘Modern Fuseki Dictionary’ and those ‘Get Strong at Joseki 1,2&3’ books which I’d be happy to transcribe.
Out of interest, have you programmed the board to respond to all mirror image and rotation of stone placement so as to prevent repetition of entered positions?

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This is a great project! Already useful.

Currently two main deficiencies seen when using:
The interface is barely usable on a smaller screen
There needs be more variations of course, but why are there no tenuki variations especially?

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Because we’re volunteers and haven’t gotten there yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, if anyone who isn’t a contributor yet wants a position of interest added, feel free to PM me with the position and I’ll look into adding it.


It’s challenging to get it right at all resolutions.

Can you let me know what your screen is, and a screenshot of what is the problem.

There are. When the “Pass” button is lit up yellow, there is a tenuki.



Not yet - it is “on the list”, but another challenging problem.

Rather than adding duplicates, I would prefer we follow the Josekipedia example for now, and chose the variations that go into the right first.

JP enforces this: it says “This move cannot be added because it violates the symmetry rule on Josekipedia: all variations must go down and to the right” if you try to violate it.

We don’t have that coded, but please follow that for now (I’ll add this to the doco).

It possibly doesn’t cover all issues, but it’s a good guideline.

My current thinking is to initially be able to rotate and reflect the board, so you can “see” the joseki laid out the way you want to (there are other joseki apps that do that).

This should be sufficient for exploration. It doesn’t help with Play mode (because you can click the wrong reflection easily) but at least Play mode tells you what it does have, quickly, so you don’t have to guess.


Comment box is really tiny, at best you can read one small comment at a time and it’s not easy to scroll inside it rather than the main page around it.

This is on my Samsung Galaxy S7


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Thanks! You wouldn’t believe how much work has gone in to trying to get that to lay out nicely … I may need to step back and rethink how it’s doing it!


The goal is to correctly play a joseki sequence against the computer to the end of the joseki without mistakes.

When you finish a joseki sequence, just hit the “back to start” button (double arrow in the centre top) to try another one.

That “clears the messages”.

If you make a mistake you can backstep and try again - that doesn’t clear the messages, so you can see how many mistakes you made along the way.