The ruleset of the game should be easier to see

At, it would be great if the Ruleset was listed somewhere when playing, as a reminder (for example, maybe put “Japanese” or “Chinese” just underneath the Komi reminder near White’s score)

While I understand we should see the rules when accepting the game… if playing several games in a day (some Chinese and some Japanese) one can easily forget which setting it is, and especially true if playing a long game. It’s a pet peeve of mine to keep having to click Info.

Yes, I could just fill all dame no matter what, but don’t want to waste my opponent’s time if it’s Japanese rules.

And actually, I would prefer to have this requested text showing Komi and Ruleset even in Zen mode.


I moved your post to this topic where there has been some recent discussion about this idea! :slight_smile:

Personally, I think having this info in Zen mode is going too far, but as a rules nerd I like the idea of the rules being visible in the normal view.


Technically, under Japanese rules, one should fill all of the dame that one can, in order to prevent non-seki groups from being counted as seki (which would nullify their territory). Of course, players often take the informal shortcut of not filling in the dame, when using Japanese rules.

Under various area scoring rules (e.g., Chinese, AGA, etc.), it is possible to leave an even number of inconsequential dame unfilled without changing the outcome. Inconsequential means that the filling these won’t require any further defensive moves/captures and all that is left in the game is to alternatingly fill them.


There is a bit of consensus on this layout

@Fantactic: Do you like it too?


I love it! This is exactly what I was referring to. Is this just a “mockup” and not actually in place right now?


If it’s not too late for a suggestion, if the plan is to use 2-3 letter abbreviations, to use the standard ISO abbreviations:

  • Japan/Japanese: JP/JPN
  • China/Chinese: CN/CHN
  • Korea/Korean: KR/KOR
  • New Zealand: NZ/NZL

Probably for ING and AGA, those are more appropriate than country abbreviations


Hover over it should give a tooltip that explains with a longer phrase like “Japanese rules”, “Chinese rules”, etc.


Note that clicking in that area already pops up a widget with rules-specific scoring information. Maybe the name of the rules could go in there, too.


Easter egg idea: if you double-click on the rules name, little Japanese/Chinese/etc flags rain down like confetti over the screen.

:jp: :jp: :jp: :jp: :jp: :jp: :jp: :jp:
:jp: :jp: :jp: :jp: :jp: :jp: :jp: :jp:
:jp: :jp: :jp: :jp: :jp: :jp: :jp: :jp:
:jp: :jp: :jp: :jp: :jp: :jp: :jp: :jp:


The hover tooltip on Japanese rules shows all the edge case diagrams on how scoring works :slight_smile: