Timeout Emails & Forum Names

iirc, i have had this problem before. (not getting email notification before timeout)

recently i have been forced to log in to the forum despite being logged in to ogs.

now, it seems like i have somehow created another account (rtayek1 instead of rtayek). so it’s hard to find the old thread.

i got a timeout in this game: https://online-go.com/game/19549986.
i got one email on 9/19.

also, major kudos to whoever came up with the zero that lets you cycle through the games where it is not your turn to move.


@Mulsiphix1 and @Kosh discussed the forum name issue recently and I think through a lot of hoop jumping Kosh was able to resolve it? I can’t remember the name of the thread so maybe one of them can link it.

That looks like it came in before the game ended, so what’s the problem there?

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In my case the problem arose because I began a new profile on the main OGS site. Note however, that there was an 18 month lag in triggering the problem.

Here’s the thread: Multiple forum accounts where @BHydden has quite a few laughs at my expense and here’s the resolution/summary post of my particular case: Multiple forum accounts

No argument from me.



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Thanks :slight_smile:
I did most of the functional coding and @flovo fixed up the visuals :slight_smile:

While my response is located in the thread Kosh so kindly linked already, here is a direct link to the exact post where I outline my personal situation.

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