Using leela zero to estimate win probability of a board

like the guy in this thread did

just exactly how / where do you do it?

do i have to first install leela on my own computer and then install the interface Lizzie?

or is there web site where i can just upload the sgf file?

can i just d/l from this page?


If you know about Lizzie already, she has Leela already built into her as well as analysis option.

The link you provided is for her older sister, who was trained on human games and is inferior to Leela Zero which ships with Lizzie and is modelled after AlphaGo Zero (entirely self taught).

You can find the latest release of Lizzie at

Running a release

Just follow the instructions in the provided readme in the release.

The first run may take a while because Leela Zero needs to set up the OpenCL tunings and download the latest network if it is not present. Just hang tight, and wait for it to finish, then you will see Leela Zero’s analysis displayed on the board.

The readme file will also give instructions on how to load an sgf that is saved on your computer and how to have Lizzie automatically analyse the game (this too may take a while if you don’t have a powerful graphics card).



so i will have to install Lizzie on my computer after all. there is no web site that i can just upload the sgf file?

There used to be but they had to close the site due to financial difficulty. I’m not aware of there being any others, but I highly doubt they’d be both free and high quality.

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Not surprising, considering the computing power needed to run an analysis. I don’t know the specs, but don’t use a low-end machine for that.

that’s exactly my problem :joy:

If you’re 8 kyu like your OGS profile says you are, I’m sure there are many helpful people who could review your game for you if you posted it in these forums :slight_smile: might not be leela but at least you don’t need good hardware or to install something :wink: is a site offering automated reviews - but it isn’t free and I am not sure it offers much beyond running Lizzie offline

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I would agree with that.

Found in that same thread:

It happens frequently that best move isn’t sente, according to PV.
Here is an example: move 1 is the best for Leela, but doesn’t need an answer from white. Maybe I’m too low rank to understand.

Don’t expect LZ to teach you how a sequence unfolds. Just like in a pro game, the other party will not play a submissive move, and will rather choose to take the initiative somewhere else. It’s quite fascinating but not necessarily a great learning experience.


wow, it’s quite a rip off consider that leela is open to public. Costs around 3 dollars to analyse a game :roll_eyes:

not a rip off when you consider that most people don’t have a gpu strong enough to run leela at a strong level

So how much would you charge @andysif to run an analysis and post the sgf?

On my notebooks with a modern notebook cpu/gpu (Intel® Core™ i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60GHz) it takes less than 15 minutes to calculate reasonable probabilities for every move of a game.
It should be possible to use lizzie on a home computer without special hardware.

You don’t have to run leela at a strong level through. Even on weak settings leela will find you worst moves.


Here the usual warning about the teaching capabilities of leela/lizzie:


It depends on the amount of playouts - i.e. 1000 cost 0.5€ per game. Which is likely enough in most cases. I think it is a good idea to offer some service like this for people who can not use leelaz otherwise. And stuff costs money so I think it is fair to charge for it. The actual prize may be a topic for discussion.

I also prefer to run offline since I have a gaming PC which isn’t quite up to date anymore but good enough for leelaz.

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If I buy a new gaming pc like 1000$ would be good enough?

Much more than needed :wink:

Any not too old PC with a graphic card should be enough.

For reviews I use my notebook (the GPU on the notebook CPU) and it takes about 15 minutes for 100 playouts per move. That’s enough time to make a coffee :wink: Afterwards a nice win probability plot is waiting for you.

Yeah - minimum requirements are not very high. A better PC just means analysis will be faster.

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I’d just like to clarify that I when I said low end I was thinking under $500. Our standards in the US or Western Europe might be a bit different from the rest of the world.


If you ask how much i am willing to PAY, i would say NOTHING.

I mean if they are the one who developed the program, then maybe charging a few dollars is quite reasonable. But if they just grab a copy from github and then run it on their own site, then no, i am not paying. they can put ads on their site or sell merchandise or whatever but i am not paying.

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