Visualize go this way, instantly make it 30 times easier to count

Hmm, grew up playing games placing pieces on the intersections (not just go, Chinese chess as well), the grid is never a unit of count to my eyes, but obstacles and background that need to be filtered out.

And counting territory or estimation is not something have to learn early on playing Go, but local patterns that are strong or weak, or in good shapes. In that regard, the lines helps with the pattern finding to me, since its easier to line them up strait or in different shapes without zigzagging.

Most stones are not big enough to cover up the intersections completely, even if they are next to each other (they have to be, or it would be difficult to place them and pick them up), with plenty of room showing the line beneath. And my brain can just see the lines behind the stones (like seeing a line even if it is a dotted line)


Here is a possible work around to partially do this. You can upload a custom board background image that has 19x19 squares aligned with the stones such that the stones are centered on the squares. If you play many games across varying board sizes, it will be kind of annoying to switch the image for each game, but its still doable.

However, the black grid lines are still overlaid and could be distracting. Maybe your background image could use a different color for the square boundaries to contrast. Or perhaps, there should be a customization option to change the color of the grid lines (or remove them altogether). EDIT: @AdamR showed that this can already be done below.

EDIT2: See below where I do this


you cannot remove them completely, but matching the color of the board should be good enough (although some remains will be visible) for such a corner case scenario :slight_smile:


Maybe a customizable transparency value could be added? That could also be an interesting feature for those that want partially transparent grid lines.

Probably would be quite easy too: GitHub - online-go/ Source code for the web interface

Personally I am not gonna do it though (at least not any time soon), sorry. Once I have the time to start contributing again, I have other projects on the radar :slight_smile:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Get the background here: Board backgrounds library - #77 by yebellz

Set the lines to (224, 187, 108) for RGB values, or the hex is #e0bb6c (note: the color input widget is browser dependent and some will accept color values in different ways).

Note: also need to turn off the coordinates to get things to align. If you want to use coordinates, you need to make a different version that has a properly sized margin to account for that and manually add the coordinates to your background image (since the ones added by the site will be painted on top in the same color as the board, and actually that might interfere with you adding coordinates back in manually).


I can count a lot easier now :slight_smile:


You need to turn off the coordinates or make a different background that has a margin to account for the coordinates.


Thats so stupid. :laughing: I love it


That makes a lot of sense actually :slight_smile:

I dont expect too many people Ill need to talk to about the co-ordinates on this version. Maybe if someone streams it, but they could overlay their own coordinates anyway.

Actually after yebellz made that board background, this feels even more true.


some needs to make this a meme

feels so wrong but kinda make sense


post it on reddit


I was planning to do both of these still need to figure out how to write the meme


Ive heard that playing inside the squares would have made it more obvious if the lines werent drawn perfectly straight, which makes sense for a board game played 5,000 years ago.

Of course, the only good answer in 2021 is, Im so fancy-schmancy-dancy-with-holes-in-my-pants-y that I can artificially visualize the squares under my control without having to literally count them like a lesser ape.

Squares show this just as well: They are connected if they share a side (whereas sharing a corner is not enough to be connected).

Of course, if youve spent, like, an hour playing go, reading wont be that much harder on intersections compared to squares. But if you want to make go popular, the intersections are IMO highly counterintuitive. Ill say it again: If aliens play go, they play inside the squares.

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Just out of curiosity, but how many aliens do you know?


All the aliens I know that play go play on the lines. Extraterrestrials on the other hand


I love the title, good choice

Another suggestion about counting -

I find it easier to count by twos. A little quicker, and it makes losing your spot harder.

Also, I only keep one value in my head. First, Ill count my territory, then when I count my opponents territory Ill count backwards from my number. So 1, 2, 3, 4 for me then 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 , -1 . . . Say I have 80 points (40 if counting by twos) and my opponent has 84 points (42) Ill remember the number -2 which is how far behind I am. If Im ahead, of course, the number will be positive (though who am I kidding)

I find this is much easier than thinking Okay, they have 35 points, and I have 40 points. Then something changes. Okay, they have 32 points, and I have 42 points. That is double sente three points, then they take the ko . . .

To practice, you can just watch other peoples games.


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