Werewolf Go Game 1

Nobles, Knights, Clerics, Merchants, Adventurers. Various prominent figures, nine of number, had gathered at the queens calling.

“Thank you for coming today.”, spoke her majesty. "In peaceful times like these, it is of utmost importance that we expand our empire.
To the south lies the vast unclaimed territory of gobania. You were chosen for the important mission of settling it. Congratulations!
Go forth, build villages, and bring our culture to any savages that may live there. You will be supplied with anything you need.
Should you be successful, you will be appointed as duchess or duke and rule over the lands you claimed."

You head back to prepare. “Peaceful times she said?” you think to yourself. “Pah … she must be ignorant of the rising unrest and rebellious urge of her folk.”
But no matter. You know who you are loyal to, and you will make the best of this situation. Only keep in mind to choose your allies wisely …

@Jon_Ko @NeilAgg @Gia @richyfourtytwo @yebellz @Vsotvep @Barbanaira @MystWalker @Leira

These secret roles were randomly distributed among you
  • 4x Settler
    Places stones of hidden colour “Settler”
    Is told to be a Settler.

  • 1x Spy
    Places stones of hidden colour “Settler”
    Is told to be a Spy.

  • 3x Rebel
    Places stones of hidden colour “Rebel”
    Is told to be a Rebel.
    Is told the set of players whose secret role is among the following: Rebel, Spy, Amnesiac

  • 1x Amnesiac
    Places stones of hidden colour “Rebel”
    Is told to be a Settler.

You will shortly receive your secret starting information via private message. Do not invite anybody else to that PM thread.

The randomly chosen playing order is:
Leira → Barbanaira → Jon_Ko → NeilAgg → Vsotvep → richyfourtytwo → Gia → Mystwalker → yebellz → …

  • The actual colour of any stone is hidden, the visible colour of a stone only indicates who played the stone.

  • Players are grouped into teams according to their hidden colour, which is determined by their secret role. Thus the teams are:

Team Settler
4x Settler
1x Spy

Team Rebel
3x Rebel
1x Amnesiac

  • Team “Rebel” gets 19 points of Komi (see Vsotveps formula)

  • We use area scoring for counting. The goal is to earn more points for your team than the opposing team.

  • After each move, the arbiter (me) discloses if anything gets captured. The next move has to wait for this, unless it is impossible that a capture occured (for example on the first couple of moves).

  • All communication and moves have to be announced publicly in this thread. Private communication outside this thread is not allowed!

  • The “usual” capturing rules of go apply. However we have no (Super)Ko-Rule, and moves that lead to suicide are allowed.

  • The game ends when all players pass consecutively. Then the hidden colours are revealed and we proceed to counting. All stones still on board count as alive, and empty intersections count as territory only if they are adjacent to just one colour.

Round_0 visible_colours

Good luck, let the game begin!

After move 14

visible_colours Round_14

After move 15

visible_colours image

After move 20

visible_colours Round_20

After move 22

visible_colours Round_22

After move 25

visible_colours image

After move 26

visible_colours Round_26

After move 28


After move 35

visible_colours Round_35


I was born to be a Duchess. :peacock:

I claim territories and the color pink.

Come with me, allies, and let’s settle in these lands. And may only passes remove our claims.


So, are the visible colors assigned in the same order as the playing order

image Leira
image Barbanaira
image Jon_Ko
image NeilAgg
image Vsotvep
image richyfourtytwo
image Gia
image Mystwalker
image yebellz


Leira the Hermit, sworn to silence by his monastic order, places a grey hut atop Tengen mountain.



What Up Fellow Aristocrats!?

It’s ya boy, Viscount yebellz!!! From the Oranje Nation :orange_circle::tangerine::orange_heart::orange_book::orangutan:!! Listen up, I’ve figured out how we gonna run this goban and smack those filthy rebels outta here!

We are :five: settlers against :four: rebels. Just divide it up evenly into :nine: pieces, everyone gets to live with the same amount of space, and BOOM! Settlers Win!! Any one tries to act up and mess with our plan… well they must be a ReBeL sCuM and they get the :axe:

Alright, that’s my plan. Who’s playing and who’s hating?

WOOO!!! yebellz, out!



Oh whoops, there’s also komi to consider…

Alright, here’s another plan, we consider doing purity tests. Test if stones cast into the eyes of others are captured or remain safe. That should eventually gain enough information to work out the factions, then we as settlers can press our advantage to win.


Hello everyone!

My color is Golden, which should be easy for me to remember since I am playing another game with that color.

I have no idea about strategy for this game so I am open to suggestions and advice at any time!


Hello fellow settlers. I stem from a long row of noble ancestors, but my grandfather, Richard the 40th, had a gambling problem and lost all the lands of our family. Now, here in Gobania I see the chance to re-gain wealth and honour for my family.

Let’s make sure not to let any of the good, fertile land go to waste by leaving it to those dirty rebels. These cowards don’t even reveal their identity, which I deem highly dishonourable. But the good Count has already made a reasonable suggestion. Let’s try to tear down their masks as quickly as possible!

Respectfully yours

Richard the 42nd


Beware, fellow settlers, in no time we will be asked to chip in to build a 3km wall.


Greetings, if any of you wish to share borders with this humble merchant, I’ll make sure that it will be worth your liberties. May our shared riches mutually benefit us and may we create a truly priceless empire.

However, I will not trade with any of you worthless rebels. Your thieving and looting is bad for business. scoff


@Barbanaira, I believe it is your turn. :slight_smile:


Up the treacherous mountain pass, gossip broke the tediousness of the journey.

Current visible board position, for reference


Strangers from distant lands, friends of old. It is a great pleasure to meet with you join in the settling of these new lands. May we prosper in harmony!


As for my first settlement I claim K4 for the house of Alvetern, the Ever-white.


Settling far from the hermit just like a person who’d want to hide their rebellious nature would do. I beg for forgiveness if this turns out to be a false accusation, but your behaviour does raise suspicion.


Greetings fellow settlers! Usually I seek wisdom in the night sky, but looking at Gobania has me notice the untouched lands in the upper right. Therefore it pleases me to place my first stone at the star point K10 (EDIT: reading coordinates is hard). May the primus inter pares lead our peoples to prosperity.

@richyfourtytwo, seeing as how you’ve reacted to Barbaneira’s decision, you might question mine too, but I ask you to refrain from such accusations this early after the genesis of space and time, as no one has any insights on their potential neighbours yet. Before the morrow Venus will rise with the Gemini, reminding everyone that although two fellow human beings might look the same, one can still tell them apart if one is willing to learn and see the differences. As of now we are not able to see the distingiushing features of a rebel, but wisdom will come in time.


I think this is the current board state, and it is @NeilAgg’s turn



Having no idea of the proper moves to play in this game, I will continue the pattern established by others and play D4.

Here is a pic from the link @yebellz posted:

@Vsotvep is next


I will settle at D10.