Why do high level players seem to play blitz way more than other players?

I assumed to was to prevent cheating, but even then your rating should still reflect your true rank. Because cheating players will have inflated ranks losing to them will make you lose less points anyway.

Your question: Why do high level players seem to play blitz way more than other players?
On what do you base this assumption?


I watch a lot of their games and it seems very frequent. I don’t watch as many low level, so maybe you got me.

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faster games = more games


One reason could be that weak players can’t read quickly and have poor intuition so they simply can’t play fast.


I plead guilty.

I don’t want to confirm that high level players play bltiz more often, but I do think that playing blitz (as in being able to handle playing a game at that speed to completion) does take some practice, and after gaining some experience in the game (go, chess, an RTS) one can play by intuition or habituated reflex.

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I think there is truth in the observation, and it predates AI so it’s not just about reducing chance of opponent AI cheating.

The flippant answer is because they take less time, but that doesn’t adresses why weaker players don’t similarly value their time.

That’s a remarkable and baseless assumption. Weaker players value quality vs quantity of games the same way as stronger players do. The fact that stronger players are able to think and play “fast” does not mean there’s a difference in appreciation of the time spent on a game.

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They don’t want to take go very seriously on internet.

Another silly remark? It must be me :thinking:

Which I was not making. On forums, as in Go, reading is important.

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Well, enlighten me @Uberdude , the puzzled foreigner who, as it seems, has problems reading. I have no clue what you’re talking about

You’re welcome to provide us some more clever ideas, of course.
I believe that an amount of strong players invest less of their time online as in their IRL games simply because they think it’s less serious, more for fun. And behind this, AI use or in more general way, shorter time settings to avoid external help and such.

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That makes sense @Groin. Thanks for the explanation

Flippant meaning jokey, superficial, not one I am seriously making. To propose it as an answer to why stronger players play blitz more than weaker, rather than why people of all ranks play blitz, one would logically also need to show why the shorter time is a relatively more attractive factor for stronger players / weaker players don’t value their time as much. But I’m not offering such a reason, so the flippant answer as stated isn’t a good one. Groin does suggest a reason though: they take them less seriously, so worthy of less time.

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Note that I 'm not especially opening a debate if these ideas some shared to me are right. Just something they shared to me.

Word of the day for me :upside_down_face:

Truth is I don’t watch games with too short time settings because i usually detect a significant depreciation of the quality (and it’s tiring to watch too) I don’t know if weaker play less blitzy either, but i think they may try harder to progress and play a bit slower.
This attitude of cautiousness online was already existing much before AI came in. And well luckily that’s not all players as i really love watching.

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That’s true for me. But, who knows? It took me a couple of years to enter the live-game-arena, maybe my brain will be able to process blitz-games someday :zap: