Why my settings were not saved? Why they are not kept for new sessions I create?

Possibly the theme in use (maybe I do not notice this because my browser can do part of it), board and stone colours, do not change game shown after move is made, etc.

There is not save button. They are saved immediately after changing. So, what is the issue here??

It seems this is/was an issue since several years, or is related to a few others. I will assume the problem has been solved. In the FAQ, it is not mentioned, now.

What am I missing here? Do you use all the possible settings with their default values? I accidently closed the browser, and for this I had to login again, change the board and stones, disable the automatic change of games, and a few other things. Why these things are not being saved in my account?

They are auto saved for me, well i didn’t change them since long ago.

The setting you mention are mostly stored “on your device”.

If you don’t have cookies enabled, or you clear your cookies, or something else is interfering, that would cause this experience.

Most people do have cookies enabled, which is why you would not read much about this.

We are able (technically) to store these settings on your “account” rather than on your “device”, but last time I recall this being discussed, it was clear people preferred “on the device” because they like different settings for different devices (eg submit-button on phone, click to submit on laptop).


The flipside of this is that some people will expect the changed settings to take effect on their other devices too; after all, that’s how all state on the web worked originally. I wonder if this what happened to @avique

I agree with this consensus. I like submit move on my phone, but no confirmation for live games on my computer

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Why are they not being saved for me, then? Every time I login again in the computer, with the same browser (in a new session, but that the only thing that “changes”) and everything, it is changed? If I play with a phone, and it has specific options for it, for several reasons - and this is probable and good, although I never tested it here -, I want to never change the board colours everytime I play in different computers! This is strange, and there is no page I know that works this way. We have account settings. Not settings that cannot be changed in any other place but (maybe, I am purely guessing!) open session cookies.

I will not preserve cookies between OGS sessions. And I want the settings to never be contained just in them. When I play at university, or at at work, or in a friend’s house, my settings go with me! Having them only in a single and private session, in a specific browser, with an specific session, is stupid. The default is far from what I use all the time!

I even chacked the new word (for me) in the dictionary, to be sure. I think you got the heart of my idea and problem, Ian @genbeart. I expect that my changed settings go to any device I use anywhere. If it is a mobile device, it may have a specific detail different (and that should be stored with data about me too, for that kind of environment), but everything else should be like I chose before. And this is not happening. I have to repeatedly reconfigure everything, a lot of times. :face_exhaling:

Did you try to log in using different browser to eliminate possibility of browser intervention being a problem?
Next thing I would try is to choose English as an interface language and see if it has any effect.
If you could identify the bug then it’s easier for admins/developers to fix your problem.

I’ve looked through ogs settings and it seems there’s no specific setting for board skins. Closest thing is Enable experimental interface changes, It’s turned off for me.

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Well, a lot of other people including me really like the flexibility that different settings on different devices gives. Why can’t you just enable cookies for OGS?

It’s possible that the exploration of “hey, shall we make it configurable where these are saved” will result in enough being saved for a person who will not preserve cookies between sessions.

As to when you might see this:

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I find it very strange that things are not saved here. Using a site where I have an user, with a lot of data stored just for myuser, and having no preference in the interface of it stored, is something I do not know in any other site. Do you?

Did this never happen before, since OGS was created?

Correct. In fact, the ability to store any settings on the server was added “comparatively recently” (I can remember doing it, so it wasn’t that long ago :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )

It will not solve the fact that it is much more common that I log in using different computers in different places, than using just one computer in my house. Having to mirror things sucks - and there is no shortcut to it, is there? Maybe for a hacker who knows well what our session cookies have, but… :thinking: I really prefer that OGS works like a common website with a lot of information of my user works.

Everyone prefers that websites work the way that the expect them to work.

The funny thing is that everyone expects them to work differently, and everyone is surprised when other people don’t expect the same things as themselves :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Makes it kinda hard to please everyone :wink:

Hey, I nearly missed a cockpit opportunity. 'Cause this is what you get when you try to please everyone…

Cockpit copy


I felt very disapointed when i discovered OGS can’t toast my bread and my orange juice was still so hot.

My OGS config is very stable, i suppose it’s because i never logout (why would I? I just close the tab or the browser)


Only 1 selector?

Btw is there any reason to still have this setting?

Dude, it’s that whole bank of black switches :smiley:


Yes. I understand what you talk about. But I wrote the arguments I have to justify my wish, and my surprise about how this is today, in OGS. In my email, it remembers the skin I configured here, wherever I access it the first time, using anything; it also remembers my signature, if I want to use one; it will also remember if I want that messages are shown as a tree of messages sent and received, kind of mixing the message I sent with the messages I see in any folder; it remembers if I want messages in pages of N messages, of an infinite and dynamically loaded endless list. I do not need to configure these things twice - maybe, unless, in a mobile device, as we mentioned somewhere, but this is far from my point of discussion. DGS, another server for this game, remembers a lot of settings I have, and it has always been like this. I can even choose the character codification that I want for the messages I write in game, knowing that this may cause wrong things to be shown in some SGFs for them (but it will never cause the download to fail, as it seems to happen here, and, which is a bad surprise for me, since OGS is a site packed with newer features than DGS chooses to be); my preferred game invitation preferences are stored too; and also the theme I always preferred there. Youtube remembers my settings for subtitles in videos (enabled or not, and in which language I prefer them, if available); the sound volume. (…) ?