Wine recommendations

Do you guys know anything about wine? Could you recommend me some whites?

This one is great:

I also like this one:



I see, a choice between honey and cider.

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My preferred and still considered one of the best white in Italy.
Cervaro della Sala - Antinori

Price range between 28,00 (rare also in Italy) up to 45,00+ euro per bottle.
Region: borders od Umbria, Tuscany, Latium in one of the Antinori’s farms in Italy.
Served at 8°C it is perfect with fish and white meats.
I don’t remember where you are but it cannot be found in a supermarket.

My preferred alternatives at an affordable price:
Sauvignon - Forchir

Price range from 7,00 up to 14,00 euro.
Region: Friuli (Italy)
You can find it in well stocked markets.
Served at 10-11°C is recommended since Sauvignon and Chardonney are vines that require some more degree to express their taste and fragrance completely.

Fiano di Avellino - Feudi di San Gregorio

Price around 10 euro per bottle.
Region: Campania (Avellino, Italy)
You can find it even in normal markets.
Served not above 10°C otherwise it become too much tasty and sweet.

And many, many, many… more.

Who loves wine, loves life…
(especially the red ones).


Thanks :3

When it comes to wine I turn up at the fridge and I just pace around for five solid minutes, and eventually I pick one with a nice picture on the front that isn’t dirt cheap.

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OK, I had a look on Amazon. I couldn’t find the second one (except in a set of six), and the third one is £30 without shipping. That is a little pricey for me.

Amazon definitively is not the right place.
Try these:

(the second one requires simple registration also for consulting, free shipping)

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