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The Western Server Challenge is coming up.

In order to play a hundred games in March, we’ll need to play at least an average of three games / day with four games on every third day. Or, to be safe, four games / day, which would bring us to 124 games by the end of the month.

I figured that those of us (eg. me) who aren’t used to playing so many games would benefit from practising our pace over the next ten days. This thread, then, is for players who intend to try to keep a minimum hundred-game pace leading up to March.

Before march you better start as many corr games as possible, hoping they will finish before april


I don’t think I’m really going to try but I’d like to see if I can play 100 games (no correspondence) in 24 hours. I think it’s possible.

Edit: I’m changing my mind, maybe I’ll try it one day…


What’s the min time setting?
Edit: found it.
Too blitzy for me, but i still try with my own speed

1m+5x10. Quite slow :rofl:


For 100/day yes. Looks to be a lot :crazy_face:

If you count 6mn/game including the time to get one, that’s 10hrs no stop
Well still 14hrs for breaks. Hum. To play your corr games? :rofl:

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The maximum I’ve done was about 25 games (19x19). I don’t think I want to renew the experience, too much strain on my eyes among other concerns.


Played two games yesterday and two so far today. Well up from my recent average of something like three / week.


Only one game today. Not the best pace.

0 here, don’t worry. We are in February :wink:

Edit: I just realised the meaning of your first post, I don’t know why but I understood something completely different. My first post was OT

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Played three games so far today, but one was a handicap which I don’t think would count.

Still working up to hundred-pace.

Still a week and a lot of my corr games i launched this month will finish or are finished. :thinking:

Handicap games count

A good solution to this might be to start so many games that finishing them in a month becomes rare :grimacing:

I am continuing to open games. I haven’t decided my goal yet but having so many games already started will help. And the correspondence ones paradoxically last less.
I keep thinking that the challenge would have been better without correspondence though.


Sure, start more games… Fact is i want to focus on live games in march. I am afraid to have too many then, these new corr games will takes a big part of the next month to finish.

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Do these unfinished corr games have more than 6 moves left? If so, try not to play more than 1 move/day.

I definitely plan on throwing in a 24h marathon challenge, probably with a stream. Kinda in the spirit of the Lichess marathon tournaments.

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I only played one game today. I’m going to play another one now.

I have a lot of time, but I’m finding it very hard to come up with the energy to hit four games on even one day.

One piece of advice (which I wouldn’t normally give you and which doesn’t help you, I’m telling you because you want to play more now) is to play instinctively. Play the first move that comes to mind without considering anything else. It’s less tiring and you’d probably be able to handle more games. You don’t need 30 seconds of byo yomi.


Yes, I think this could be the meta strategy for getting the 100 Games badge. I’ll have to sac some ratings points, I guess. (EDIT: i don’t mean sandbag, I mean sacrificing ratings in exchange for completing more games in March by playing quick and instinctively. I.e., I expect my rank/ratings to drop during the Event.)

EDIT2: The Challenge is not just the time crunch, but the mental endurance. A single slow, well-thought game can be exhausting and make me feel like I’m done for the day, as if to savor the win or reflect/mourn/study the loss.


I think I ended up eventually playing four games yesterday, but two were quick losses to dans (<100 moves?).

I’ve played a couple so far today.