Western Server Challenge Mar 2022 -- $1,000 in Prizes

Hello everyone! I am here today to present you with the Western Server Challenge!

To sign up, please fill our this form. Deadline for signing up is the end of March.

Results: Click Here

For those who don’t know, last year we did the Western Dan Challenge. The original idea was to promote Dan players to play on western servers more and increase activity. It ended up exploding it to something a bit bigger. However, I wasn’t sure of the impact it had. But due to a lot of people asking me to host it again and the activity about it on the forums here, I have decided to dedicate myself to hosting this event every year if possible from now on. Also, due to the inclusion of other ranks I have deemed it necessary to update the name to the Western Server Challenge.

The goal of this event is to promote more activity on western servers. Your goal as participants are to play 100 games in a month. For the hardcore players, we do have prizes for the most games played in a month for 4 divisions. More information down below…

Each year I hope to make the event just a bit better and more easily manageable as well as making sure everyone can enjoy the event. Thus, I have made some changes this year.

Firstly, the event will be taking place in March instead of February to give more days in the month to complete the event. (What insane person though Feb was a good idea :stuck_out_tongue:)

In addition to this, this year we will only be using OGS. I would like to include KGS but I currently have no way to automatically count the games, and last year manually counting them was a huge pain. If I can solve this problem in the future I hope to add KGS back in the fold. CGS unfortunately does not have enough activity atm. We shall see if that changes in the future.

Also in addition this year, we are including OGS’s new Rengo feature!! I have discussed this with @anoek and concluded that Rengo will have it’s own prizes as well as not limiting it to exclusive teams. Thus, you can play Rengo with anyone and switch up partners as you see fit.

Last year we had several individuals donate to the prize pool. I will not be doing that this year due to personal reasons. This may change in the future but this year the prize will be capped at $1,000. If you would still like to support the event, I encourage you to donate to streamers playing in the event.


  • Only games played in March will count.
  • Must be a ranked or rengo game.
  • Must be on OGS.
  • Must be on the same account. (Makes it easier to track)
  • Must not use AI. I will be having people check.
  • Minimum time settings of 1min 10sec x 5
  • Must use an overtime clock equivalent to the minimum time settings if not using byo yomi.
  • No Sudden Death (Only main time and no over time.)
  • Only 19x19 games
  • Bot games will not count.
  • For Fischer someone has suggested the more or less equivalent will be Fischer 5/5. 5 min +5s per move with no cap.
  • For draws there will be a tie breaker. The one with the most wins. If this number is the same we will offer a split prize or a play off.
  • For OGS the time zone will start on UTC. (pending how OGS handles this)
  • Do NOT resign games too early just to quickly move on. This defeats the spirit of the event.
  • Prizes will be given via Paypal. If this does not work for you, we will donate the funds to a charity or streamer of your choice. (If possible.)
  • Do not violate OGS’s TOS.
  • Do not find flaws with the rules that defeat the spirit of the challenge.

Prizes (Most Games Played)

Dan division (3k and above)

  • 1st $125
  • 2nd $50
  • 3rd $25

SDK division (9k-4k)

  • 1st $125
  • 2nd $50
  • 3rd $25

DDK division (10k and below)

  • 1st $125
  • 2nd $50
  • 3rd $25

Rengo division (Any level)

  • 1st $125
  • 2nd $50
  • 3rd $25


  • Everyone who plays 100 games in March will receive an achievement award on their profile.
  • Everyone who plays 100 games will get 1 month free AI-Sensei at Dan level.

Games can be started whenever (before March is possible) and then have to finish during the month March ? (Just to clarify)


Only games played in March will be counted.

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So they have to start in March too? I’m thinking on correspondence settings, which often go larger as a month…


What is the rule concerning rengo? I suppose that if you play a rengo with 180 persons on each team, and each person makes just 1 move or less, it can’t count as 1 game?


180 people on each team still only plays 1 game. But probably we should avoid trying to find the limit of what’s allowed for the amount of players. Otherwise we would have to make a new rule for that xD


I mean, if making 1 move counts for 1 game, that’s too easy to play 100 games like that.


First of all - this is awesome!

As for the divisions, is ones division determinend by the rank at the end of the month or the rank at the beginning?


Other remark: the sum of prizes 4 × (125+50+25) is equal to 800, not to 1000.


Thank you for organizing it again. I don’t know yet if I will participate, if I’ll stop near to 100 or if I will try to do more than last year :grimacing:

I don’t know if that’s what you meant here, but to avoid controversy, I would advise against counting correspondence games.


Can I use it to fund next year’s prizes ?


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Sorry, i still have 2 questions concerning how it works.

I don’t really care in which category i play but i care that all of my games results won’t be split if i am at the boundary. Is that so?

How you consider rengo games? Will they count in the other categories too?

I’m happy that you decide to hold this event again, and hope all the best.


I am considering to play in the rengo category and will play only live games, without trying to win the challenge, but just to promote that feature on OGS. However I think it would be fair

  • either to count only 2x2 rengos
  • or only add 1/n to the count if your team consists of n people.

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Since I’ve moved it, I’ll repost here what Clossius said:


I’m just wondering, what was the most amount of games a user played last year in this challenge?

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See here: Western Dan Challenge (Kyu player prizes too!) UPDATE: $1550 in prizes now! - #303 by Clossius1

It was 210.


Also one more question, if Paypal isn’t available in my country and I’d like to receive the money, is there another possible way?

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