A list of free Go eBooks

I’m looking for a list of FREE eBooks on Go. This is to provide some eBooks in our club library without the expense of buying them as our budget is very limited and we have higher priorities (wooden boards for one, as we currently only have cloth and paper boards :roll_eyes:)

This topic has a few as a start:

There’s some here too:


I haven’t tried out each individual link to check that they work but the ones I have checked are good. I intend to update this post later with a list of direct links to those that do work. Just thought I’d post now to get the discussion started.

So, does anyone know of any more free Go eBooks please? :slightly_smiling_face:

And of course, donations are welcome if there’s any authors or publishers out there who want to give us a free copy of their book(s) :wink::grin:


Here is a more specific list of free Go books and other content that is available under a Creative Commons license.


I am up for that and since I do not see my free Go book in that list, I’ll just put a link for it here if you do not mind:

Apart from the e-book version, I also have some printed copies left which I can provide for free (I think there are 7-8 left?). Just send me a private message with the address and how many books you’d like me to send and I will have them at the post office by Monday.

It goes without saying that if anyone else wants me to send them a book, just follow the same process. :slight_smile:
(there are also printed copies in Greek, but I do not think that there are many that might want that version here :stuck_out_tongue: )


If your club can afford post from China i can ship you free 2d hand books in Chinese. Offer valid for other associations or Federation too.


This is a beautiful project. Thanks for sharing :grin: And pretty much the ideal book for us since:

is the majority of our club membership, many of them international students.

I’ll be in touch about the printed copies. 1 is enough, so there’s plenty for everyone else. Thanks :+1:


Thanks for the offer. I’m gunna say maybe… We do have some Chinese students in the club, but most other members do not read Chinese. So it depends on:

  • What books? Will the diagrams still be useful to non-Chinese readers?

  • How much is postage from China?

  • Can I get the other committee members to agree?

Thanks though :slightly_smiling_face:

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  1. Around 300 different books in correct state.
    Dictionaries, Full collection of games or commented game, problems including classical… By Sakata, Shuko, Lee ChangHo, and other famous pros…
  2. I have to check.
  3. Sure.


Note: the list is not updated there are more bought since i made it.


Your photo brings back memories. My father built a bookcase in his basement using bricks and boards. His had slats of fiberboard between each brick, and it was all held together with industrial glue. It was very sturdy.


Ok here’s a global view of the bookshelves, the 2 up being weiqi books the right side of the second too. Other books are mostly cooking (my job) anf chinese manuals…


My father’s was longer, with two end pillars and two in the middle. Also, his pillars went all the way to the floor. He used some bricks with a dark brown glaze of some kind, which was more uniform and attractive than ordinary bricks.


Nice. But i have these little banks integrated, very convenient to spend time searching what to read.


I see. I was wondering about that.

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