All-in-one democratic go game (how-to)

Does it always roll 1?
@discobot roll 1d2

:game_die: 2

We even used this feature to play Yahtzee

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Why give privilege for random ness? If you take the order of appearance in the thread, it has a little bit of meaning compared to randomness. I am not afraid of side effects if this is what could make us hesitate. If good players can wait a little bit as I recommended before to let weaker express their ideas, then it can make some incentive for suggestions.

Basically I didn’t launch that topic to let the game change into a Yahtzee game. That could maybe be an interesting experience but I would rather see it in a new topic.

There is a second point to consider still, the matter of getting 50% of the votants in the poll to be the valid move.

There a last point not debated, the inclusion of late suggestions in the second poll by default.

And whatever appetite for quality discussions and choices, please let’s keep in mind the shared wish (proved by former consideration) for advancing not too slowly in the game too.

we are talking about what to do in case if second poll is still a tie

discobot is the most simple solution

Yes, me too. I like more we chose the first appearance of the suggested move in the thread as criteria as discobot. It’s very simple too. Even more as we don’t need to roll a dice.
It’s like for a tournament, the less you invoke luck the more you’ll get credit for the way it runs. If any other idea using the material we have already with still some fairness, I will gladly consider it. (like all these obscure SDOS SOS in a tournament)

it should be more specific
sometimes moves suggested even before previous poll is created
“if xx wins, I suggest yy”
it may be hard to find
so there should be additional text in the first post of topic that “only suggestions made after creation of poll are accepted” for example

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Easy. Your suggestion is at a specific time according to a specific board position.
So we can’t just take suggestions older as the published last result if the poll.

We can’t alter the flexibility of the publisher of the poll to go a bit before just the last move to build it, but it will be the responsibility of the player to suggest it again. To make things clear for later cases.

So first suggested after the voting result wins. Let’s keep it simple. O I mean from the poll of the first round of course if 2 rounds

then there should be text that if someone suggests 1 minute before poll ends, then it ignores
but It creates not equality by time zone someone lives in
and do suggestions to include in next normal poll are also ignored if made before end?
Its better to have 1 rule for both - for suggestions for poll and for suggestions as tie breaker

Rereading you, you proposed from the creation of the poll, not from it’s conclusion. That already a bit of anticipation but it could work if the suggestion is valid considering the result of the poll. If we vote that then I suggest this… Can be useful when next move is pretty obvious.

Let’s keep things clear and simple

The move has to be suggested, and suggested clearly according to the full board position.

That can be anytime, it’s just the responsibility and duty of the suggesting player to link to that post.

After publication of the result they won’t be any change even if someone find an older post somewhere.

I don’t want to go to extreme like suggesting 1mn before end, or we have to write what we do then, and that’s too much. If in the extreme case the suggestion was forgotten and so he correct well why not afterall? I don’t really see any problem here btw or tell me

I looked up about the philosophy of voting
I don’t think there is a simple way as to how to actually poll opinion out of a group of people without a proper definition of what are we “voting for”. An option that is acceptable level have the majority (but not the best for the majority); an option that has the most preferred over other options; or an option that on average is acceptable, and let the potion of voters to reject it the least; There is always a way to break a tie, but no way to be sure it will satisfy everyone.

I feel, as long as it produces a result, and most agree to that, further issues of how to proceed further can wait. Just keep the ball rolling. I personally think a simple method like this is probably enough:

If there is a tie and none pass 1/2 of the threshold, then put the tie options to a 2nd vote; If there is a tie and none pass 1/3 of the threshold, then put the top 3 to a 2nd vote; if there is a tie and none pass 1/4 of the threshold, then put the top 4 to a 2nd vote, and so on.


All in all we have to keep less worrying as most of the moves are suggested so I don’t see that much problems.
And just make it clear that if the suggestion miss a bit, well afterall it’s the players who have to endorse the responsibility to make it clear if they want it to win!

The difference between an election and our “democratic poll”, is that we each produce candidates and are voters ourselves. We are effectively campaigning and elected each other. When candidate camps are small, due to the suggestions are few, it is close to “voting”, but where everyone has different opinions, this becomes a social game - people stop holding their own and break into tribes and opposing what is not accepted to most.

Like what they say, we don’t vote for the one we agree whole heartedly, but pick the one that is less unlikable, so the one we despised don’t get elected.

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Well I hope we keep voting moves, not people. And till now I think we did.

In most election IRL people we vote for vote too. I don’t really see the point, it’s part of the usual democratic process

I’m happy you take time to get more information about all these voting matters. I think it’s nice to react to a demand not anticipated so we can go further smoothly but there is no urge yes. We get into important points here so better we talk about the way to follow instead and fix the compromises instead of fighting later.

Nice idea but considering how big is our pool of voters, it’s a bit too much, not sure if even one time we get a tie between 3.
I am for simple rules. When no suggestion collect 50% we keep the suggestions which have reached to interest someone else. It’s easy put and understandable. That was three in last poll.
We vote on these second time on simple majority.

In your idea what happen if a suggestion get 1/3 and there are 3 well you don’t say tie so 2 tie and a third which should have what criteria because there are most of time even more as 3.
I keep an eye on your suggestion if you can clarify it. Mainly because it could generate less polls?


Ok let’s talk on the inclusion of others in second poll.

It’s a bit discriminatory how we handle late suggestions in a poll because well we are not going to relaunch a poll each time it happens and we don’t have tools to make it better (or tell me).

It’s very discriminatory to give them the privilege to participate in the second turn then, regarding the others who don’t. It may even incite to be late.

Best chance are given when you are not late. Charge on us to give enough time, to understand that we don’t want to play for years and that we need a decision process (voting).

We could just say we need a winner by simple and full majority no second turn no reviving the late… Only get the best. I could go on this but I fear to finish alone in my dreams, that’s not what people want.

You know it’s mathematically impossible to have more than 3 over 1/3 right, that would added up over 100%…

Say we have now a 33% 33% 25% and some the rest, or 30% 30% 30%, and some rest, they are all fall into 3 polls (no matter it’s three way tie or 2-way). As long as there is a tie, we make a second poll. If there is no tie, no need for a 2nd poll. (if we run into a situation, where there are very spread out votes, like every moves has only 1 vote each, we will cross that bridge when it happens).

I think we only need to consider this, when the option “other” has majority vote, or have tie, and are amount the top options, otherwise like this time, it only gets 1 vote in the first round, I don’t feel there is need for that.

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Well yes of course other have same weight.

Let’s go study a case, see if I understood

14 votants
A Makes 4
B 4
C 3
D 3
That’s more as 1/3 so ok we take 3 but which one of C or D?


It’s a 1/4 this time, still same problem which away between CDE?

Side note, think of publisher (me most but not only) get something easy to process…

What you are describing is that the votes are so spread out, there are essentially no majority exist, like people are voting randomly. We will cross that bridge when it happens.