Beep on game start

Please could there be a beep when the game starts?


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To be fair; The thread that clanger7 is quoting has been automatically closed so he can’t add his voice there.

I know it’s been discussed elsewhere. I found these:
Can the game start notif plz make a sound?,
Audio cue when the quick match finder finds a match,
Suggestion: Alert when automatch real-time game has begun,
All of which are still open to further comment.


I’ve submitted a PR for this, just waiting for it to be approved/deployed.


Current web standards (and indeed, most often the browsers themselves) prevent background tabs from playing sounds or bringing a tab from the back to the front. It’s an effort to prevent ads from grabbing focus.

It is possible for background tabs to give browser notifications and we have that as an item on our to-do list.


Are you saying that “the reason why this PR is taking its time to be approved is that it violates web standards”?

As far as I know, the implementation is compliant with current standards, and it certainly works on the browsers I tested…

I was talking about it with @anoek the other day and he mentioned that the cutting edge web standards are going to do away with the ability for browsers to behave this way.

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Yeah … from the point of view of a developer trying to support users, it’s a complete PITA, the way these things are unfolding, you can’t count on being able to do anything today, because it might be out of fashion tomorrow.

FWIW, IMHO we should deploy a solution that works today, and deal with tomorrow’s standards tomorrow…


I have got email notification on game start checked, but I don’t get any email notifications. I thought having an email client could be a workaround for the lack of game start notifications.

Every sound asset on OGS exists in mp3 ogg and wav format. I’ve converted that mp3 to ogg and wav using audacity:

looking forward to get your PR merged into OGS.

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Yeah I was chatting to anoek about whether the other formats are required anymore these days. I suspect that they are not (which is why I didn’t bother with them) but it can’t hurt to have them! Thanks!


I’m really happy to see that this feature has snuck into the main site now.

You should get a dinging sound when live matches start.

That sound has it’s own separate control in in Settings, here:


PS - I guess since no-one’s complaining, then it’s probably working, but it’d be nice to have some confirmation for different browsers/OSes, because (as you may have read) this kind of thing is getting made harder by browser-makers, so it’d be nice to know if it “just works” right now or “only works for some people”.



After 10min I still couldn’t get a game (9x9,normal speed, ±9ranks, other options ‘No Preference’) so I regret to say I am not in a position to confirm the operation of ‘automatch altert’. I’m going back to ‘Custom Game’ which is a lot quicker.

Is the new alert supposed to work for live custom games too? I’m guessing not but I wonder why.


That’s odd.

When I made the PR, it was dinging on live custom games.

However I can see that the version on the main site does not do that.

@anoek made some changes after my PR … any ideas @anoek?

I think it should ding when a custom live game starts…



OK, I can see how @anoek’s revision took away the ding from custom live games starting, but I’m not sure why yet :slight_smile: So I’ll have to ask the man himself!

1 Like is the change, yeah sorry based on the PR name I thought it was only intended for automatches, live match starts would be great too though! The reason why I moved it was because as it was implemented, it’d play the tune whenever there were correspondence game start notifications lingering (so, if someone hadn’t cleared out their notification queue, a common thing, then it plays every time the page is opened or every time there is a connection reset).

Feel free to make it ding on live game starts too, just so long as there’s some logic to prevent it from dinging on page load / connection resets if there are notifications lingering :slight_smile: I promise I’ll merge it way faster than this one, I’m back now!


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