Configurable "next game" order

I’m not quite clear what the current logic is that determines the order of the “next game” feature (either through auto-advance, or clicking through the top-right icon). I’d like to see a user preference setting we can adjust for this, with options such as:

  • shortest clock time
  • longest/shortest time since it became your turn
  • whatever the current behavior is, with a name that clarifies what it does (I remain perplexed, but I may be thick; I am a mere kyu)
  • game you’ve viewed least recently
  • random
  • prefer certain games by user selection? this one may be more involved

Perhaps others have a few more ideas like these.


I agree that the game that comes up next appears to be chosen at random. Very confusing and very annoying. Therefore, I use the following work around:

  • Disable auto-advance in settings
  • Go to home page and open the game you want
  • Play the move
  • Return to homepage
  • Manually select the next game you want

I like the suggestions of how games could be ordered. This idea:

has been discussed recently here:

But note that the other discussion is about game order on the home page while the OP here is about the order of games in auto-advance / clicking the icon top-right for number of games where it’s your move, which appears to be a separate order. At the very least, the game order by auto-advance / clicking top-right should be the same as the order on the home page to avoid confusion / annoyance.

When I’ve no moves to make it always jumps to the same first game, so I guess there’s a queue of sorts that puts them in a particular order when it’s not your turn.

When it is your turn I don’t know :slight_smile:

Now that you’ve made me pay attention to it, while I only have two moves to make it is in the order of the games on the homepage.

Maybe I should wait for more moves and see if the orders agree/disagree.

I think the auto advance is not tab specific though.

For example if I shift click to open the next game in a new tab, then close that tab and shift click again, I get the next game in the list, not the same game again.

Can confirm it’s not the same ordering as the home page, although it was close with 4 moves to make :slight_smile:

It’s not random. Games are ordered by their ID.

Makes sense from a first-cut implementation perspective, but hardly the most useful thing.


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