Feature Request: SGF Library viewer

Hi! I feel like a really neat feature that could be added to OGS without too much effort (hopefully!) would be a SGF library viewer where moderators could add well known games that are available publicly for free like old go masters games or some tournament games.

An extra mile feature would be to have commentary channels that could be selected when watching the game and people can submit their commentaries for that game (and even better would be a voting for the commentaries).

I don’t know if this was suggested or not, but it would be an invaluable study tool!


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The OGS already has the option for users to make a sgf library (it is in the menu on the left). I think it is a feature that is just not much used. Perhaps someone could compile nice collections and advertise them here in the forum.

About the commentaries, I didn’t understood how this would differ from the chat that already exists in the game rooms (except for the voting). I think it more a matter of usage. This kind of suggestion is appearing very often here, how to make the site more friendly to kitizing and how much this is a site issue and how much this is a community issue… no one really knows.


I think something has been suggested about hosting a pro games library/database before

I think the conversation kind of trailed off fairly quickly.

There’s a very small subset of games that are played on OGS tracked here

I think it might be missing some recent ones from the euro pro league

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