Game Chat Notification

When leaving the board after a game ended, any chat message in the game chat will go unnoticed. However, I would love to know if someone (maybe my opponent or anybody else) leaves a comment on one of my games.

I think it would be nice to get a notification about those messages, ideally with a message preview to quickly admire and dismiss a “gg ty” of a game I just left.

I think the same is true if a review is done for a game I participated in? Not sure if there is a notification about this, but I would love to know if somebody has comments on my game :wink:

Besides me being informed, I think this would actually encourage users to comment on games, since the players get notified and have the chance to read it. And reply. Thinking about it, I would also like to get notified if someone leaves a message on a game I participated chatting in. Encourage game-related communication! :sunny:

Thank you very much for consideration :slight_smile:


You can open the game just finished from your profile/game history where you’ll see any return message. It’s not ideal, but it works

Yeah, but are you really going to open every single game in your whole history to see if anyone commented? with the notification system, even a game from a month ago that randomly receives a new comment wouldn’t get missed.


No to the question - it’s only really viable for checking the last game. A comprehensive notification system would be great


Great suggestion, it could simply be a notification on the main page, or an item in the main ogs menu, opening a page which displays a list of games where a comment has been added after your last visit to this page, with sorting options like date, opponent, and of course was it a game you played or not.
(Or this list could be displayed in the player’s profile).


What a pity that a game chat notification has not been implemented in the meantime…


Last time we talked about it, OGS conclusion was “break the site chat, too”. :yum: