Go Battle Royale: Multi-Color Capture Go

I’d like to discuss and hopefully play a multiplayer (>2) capture Go variant. @stone_defender deserves credit for inspiring this with a suggestion made elsewhere.

Proposed Rules

  1. More than two players, each with a unique color.
  2. Players take turns playing in a fixed order.
  3. On each turn, a player must play a stone on an empty point or resign (passing is not allowed).
  4. After playing a stone, first remove any opposing chains without liberties, before checking/removing for suicidal moves.
  5. A player is eliminated as soon as one of their stones is captured, or if they choose to resign.
  6. When a player is eliminated, the rest of their stones remain on the board until captured.
  7. The goal is to be the last player remaining, or outlast as many other players as possible.

Communication and Collusion

For an initial game played on these forums, I suggest the following rules for communication

  1. Collusion and coordination between players is allowed.
  2. Promises and deals can be made, but are not enforced by the rules.
  3. All communication involving the game must be done in public view on the forum thread for the game.
  4. Kibitzers are welcome and may openly comment on the game in the game thread.

Other Comments

  1. There is no ko rule, as it is not necessary, since any cycling is prevented by players being eliminated through capturing.
  2. Since passing is not allowed, one might eventually be compelled to fill in one’s own territory, giving the player with more territory (minus group tax effects) the decisive advantage.
  3. Suicidal (self-capture) moves are allowed, but results in the player being eliminated. A player might choose to do so, rather than just resigning, if they wish to leave the board in a more preferable state. In some situations, where being the next to be eliminated is inevitable, a player might choose to play a suicidal move that impacts the remaining players. The possible threat to do so might even give that player leverage to avoid that situation in the first place.

Who’s interested in playing?

For an initial game, I hoping for at least six players, and ideally more, in order to ensure maximum chaos.

We can use @Vsotvep’s Multicolor Go tool which limits us to a maximum of nine players.

What size board should we use?

Index of Games

  1. Live: Variant go server
  2. Live: Variant go server
  3. Correspondence: The First Go Battle Royale ⚔
  4. Correspondence: The Second Go Battle Royale ⚔
  5. Correspondence: The Third Go Battle Royale

To clarify, consider a situation like this:

In two-player Capture Go, White is alive (until later forced to fill in the eye for lack of other moves), since Black cannot play inside without being captured first.

However, a third player, that is doomed to be eliminated anyways, might play a stone inside in order to eliminate White next. This leverage could possibly be used for gain some compliance from White to play to save that third player.


I’m a big fan of capture go, but have found that multiplayer variants are usually not my cup of tea, so I don’t know if I should sign up for this or not :smiley:

How about a quick (possibly live) 4-player test-game on https://go.kahv.io/ to see how it plays out before starting something long and crazy?


I might give it a go just to see how it plays out :slight_smile:

I do have another idea, depending on how the initial games with these rules pan out.

What about another variant with a slightly different goal and determination of the winner. What about

The first player to capture a stone is the winner

That could be interpreted in a couple of interesting ways in theory. Maybe one could still allow suicides for a player to lose and be eliminated but not end the game, and one has to capture a non-eliminated players stone or be the last player left.

Or one could forbid suicides and the first to capture any amount of any number of opponents stones is the winner.

That also sounds like a good idea too.


I would like to participate :slightly_smiling_face:

Who is eliminayed when stones of an already eliminated player are captured?


I assume noone?


I also assume so, but this second rule made me unsure.


I think that’s poor wording then. I think it’s intended to be an informal proof that the game will be guaranteed to end, with an implied clause that a dead players’ stones being captured reduces their total number of stones, thus eventually leaving only eliminating captures left.

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Well if it works the way I’m thinking, then every move either eliminates a player or increases the number of stones of uneliminated players, proving that the game terminates.


Sorry, my mistake.

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So who would be available for a live test game right now or in the next few hours?

  • Me!

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I could play starting at 2022-01-12T20:00:00Z



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Cool, let’s do a game at the time yebellz suggested with me, @yebellz, @Civilian and @_Sofiam

13x13 sound good?


13x13 sounds good

How do we manage this on that site? Can a single player drop out when “eliminated” or just need to enter passes?

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Once you resign you automatically pass for the rest of the game :slight_smile:

I will setup the game, no account is necessary to join, but it’s good to enter a nickname in the top left so we know who is who.


All set and ready to go, just waiting for @yebellz :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Game link: https://go.kahv.io/#4231


Whoops, I misclicked my first move, but it’s ok, let’s keep going

Suspected as much :sweat_smile: There is an undo button for future reference.

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This should make for an interesting game, at least