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I would call that northwest group a mini-lizard at best, not a dragon.

White also has a weak group in the southeast, and Black has a huge moyo in the south.

Not counting this moyo and the weak groups, the two players’ territories seem about equal.

  • If the Black mini-lizard dies but Black’s moyo becomes territory, then Black wins.
  • If the Black mini-lizard survives and Black’s moyo doesn’t become territory, Black probably wins too.

If White kills the Black group in the northwest and survives with the White group in the southeast and completely destroys the Black moyo in the south, then yes, White will win. But that seems relatively unlikely.

(OGS’ ai analysis gives White 70% winrate at that point, though, so apparently the computer disagrees. But 40 moves later, once it’s clear the Black group is alive and White has no compensation, it gives 80% winrate to Black.)

If anyone else was looking forward to Quzhou Lanke Cup with NAGF 1p Kevin Yang, that one (and other major tournaments) seem to be postponed:

Oh, Foxy has a mode where the players randomly move twice in a row a certain limited number of times during the game.


Seems like I missed all the fun but couple of days ago Antti played.

Source: 🌸Antti Törmänen (アンティ・トルマネン) vs Shibano Ryunosuke (芝野龍之介) 🌸第61期 十段戦予選🌸2022-12-19 - YouTube

It appears Shibano tried joseki novelty that didn’t work out very well.

cc @_KoBa


Huge reversal

Sumire made a 20+ point mistake. As you can see there’re two black’s groups trying not to be dead. Upper one can only have one eye by capturing two stones so gotta connect to the lefter stones. Middle one can connect to bottom by capturing two stones but black doesn’t have time.

Apparently the correct course of action was to connect upper group and have ko for connection of the middle one.

Sumire connected directly and died.


The connection involves a ko, but note that Black’s life is not dependent on winning the ko:


Cool game. Black chased white but ended up being thin themselves.

Amazing game.

Cool joseki


Death and destruction



It’s a small step for man, but a big step for an elephant.


While Ueno Asami was playing Nakamura Sumire, Ueno Risa played Nyuu Eiko. Check it out, 6 groups, and surprisingly close game in the end.

Interestingly I’m pretty sure Foxy’s FineArt was giving white advantage at some points in midgame and OGS AI only gives equal at best.


Holy smokes, Risa plays an even more agressive game than her older sister!! :eyes:

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Lucas Neyrinck destroys Frejlak. Death everywhere. (original demo board)

Jonas Welticke wins against Ali Jabarin. (original demo board)


Baffling because why did Ueno make such weak moves, or baffling because it wasn’t obvious that she would get beaten so badly? Ueno is one of my favorite players and kind of a role model in a way. I love and relate to her aggressive and intuitive style, which is for me the most fun way to play. But it does come with the downside of sometimes walking yourself into a heavy loss when you fail to do an accurate and timely reading…

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You’d expect a more even game, Asami is strong.

Tanguy lost.

How many one space jumps do you want?


I have a huge dislike for these tobi-games, wether it is my own, or someone else’s, brrrrr ><

I think her style is “you can’t have too few groups”. Here’s a game from today.

I get that white has no territory and has weaknesses as well but these isolated groups on the sides don’t feel great.

Meanwhile Nakamura Sumire won against Ueno Asami.



Jonas destroying everyone as usual. (demo)

And I don’t know who Kim Dohyup is but since their name is Kim, they’re super strong by default. (demo)


I think Kim Dohyup is a former yunguseng.

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Kim Dohyup won the TIGGRE Ellie Cup in 2022:

He is 7d EGF with a rating around #10 in Europe, similar to the 1p EGF pros.
It seems he is not quite as strong as the 8d EGF Korean amateurs (also former yunguseng) currently playing in Europe: Kim Young-Sam, Hwang In-Seong and Kim Seong-Jin.