Images of newer times


That could kill not only groups of stones but also players! :skull_and_crossbones:


When I was in…, let’s call it junior high, the guys liked to fool around by leaning against a wall, holding their breath and have someone press against their solar plexus until they passed out. I think that’s more dangerous than overoxygenizing your cells. Underoxygenating. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t understand: is it so easy to faint? Hold the breath and push the abdomen?

Actually, it seems that the deep breathing, because of expelling a lot of CO2, actually decreases the oxygen to muscles and brain. It’s another way to suffocate yourself. Exactly the opposite of what Hof says.


I know what smurph is taking about. I think he meant the jugular and carotid arteries though. … at least that’s how I’ve seen it done.


No, they didn’t strangle each other, even though that would also be an option. Pressure on the solar plexus limits bloodflow through the aorta. Similar effect though.


crazy… learn something new every day


Sure doesn’t look so good for Pika…



Is this an actual picture? No photoshop? :open_mouth:


Apart from the fisheye distortion, it looks like sharpen, gamma, color curve adjustment, burn/multiply.


Absolutely awesome picture, could you please name the source/originator, @b_runner? I’d also dearly like to see the unedited photo.

Illustrates the “World of Go” perfectly, IMO.


Yes, there are some filters, but I was asking about fisheye distortion: I’ve seen drawings like this but the caption for this picture says “Put my 360° cam on the Go board”.

After that I looked for 360 cams on internet and learned a lot. :smiley:

I didn’t know they were so small and affordable. Mind blowing!


Are you sure that’s Go? Judging by the board position, it looks more like gomoku to me (“five-in-a-row”.) In fact, if you look at the very move that Pika’s playing, he’s stopping the bulbasaur from playing there himself and making a long enough line to win.


I think you are absolutely right, and, shamefully I have to say, I didn’t know Gomoku… Until now.
So it should be Pokemon Go Bang!



Hm, I don’t get it… and I was there! :]


Image? Newer times?
This image didn’t exist 25 years ago?


Ah, I was wondering if there was something special to it and couldn’t find anything. But in the context of it being special because it’s commonplace now, that does make sense. :slight_smile:



One like for teaching me “abecedarius”.