🎉 Introducing GoTV 📺

Yeah I saw the Korean streamer playing DJMax before starting the Go stream

Hmm I saw Kirosaana streaming but her stream wasn’t in the GoTV list

Live streams?

Isn’t “streams” not enough for a name?

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Watching Netflix is streaming, but it’s not live (and anyway I prefer GoTV)

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So that means streaming something on go, but not live, won’t be accepted ?

Note that on TV Channels there is almost nothing like live streaming (almost everything is prerecorded even things looking like live)

I think we’re overthinking this :sweat_smile:


On OGF!? Never!


Game of Thrones, part 5

…sorry xD

edit: but seriously speaking, i feel like the name OGS-TV would make more sense since this is an OGS feature, but GoTV is also a fine name ^___^


This issue is happening again.
I’m using Safari and I don’t have pop-up blockers. In fact the pop-up comes up but disappears immediately.

This wouldn’t be an issue coming from us. The fact that you’re having to log in each time sounds like an issue with cookies. Try clearing your cache and cookies and trying again.

Okay I tried clearing and now it seems to be fine. (though the preparing your stream screen is quite annoying)

Let’s see when it comes back…

Okay I just cleared it 2 days ago and now it’s happening again.

The funny thing is if I visit the Twitch page directly I’m logged in. It’s only when I access from GoTV then this issue happens.

Could perhaps have to do with blocking 3rd party cookies?

Btw any luck in including YouTube streams as well? If it’s difficult to pick up based on tag, maybe can hardcode certain channels that stream almost on a daily basis? They may not be in English but they stream pro games so maybe people will be interested.

Example for today:

Not to forget my favourite BadukTV:


I looked into it for about an hour one afternoon but decided to circle back to it when I had more to go on. This will help a lot, I’ll add these to my list of things to look into.


congrats for new feature. keep continue the innovation.
maybe in the future we can activate our mic in the live game? so extrovert players can have conversation


And an option for webcam afterall.

I’m bit afraid of this could use too much resources…

Think you meant to post here Features everyone secretly wants on OGS but will never be implemented


OGS used to have webrtc so people could do spoken reviews/lectures, but i guess that was not very popular feature afterall… Also it had a habit of getting broken every single time any browser had any updates, i heard it was a pain in the butt to keep it working xD


It’s possible to set up peer-to-peer chat (see WebRTC), which would put next-to-no stress on the server. Of course there may be moderation concerns with allowing users to video chat (esp without server in the middle)

Or features that have already been implemented (but don’t exist anymore) :wink:

Maybe someone older could confirm, but I believe OGS or some precursor once had a chat feature because I have definitely seen some code to that effect, but it was not a feature I experienced personally.

Ohp I did not see @_KoBa’s response! Yes, that.

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