Looking for beta testers for OGS v5!


Not a bug, but a thing that has always bugged me, as it were :stuck_out_tongue:

The fact that not all settings are stored server-side. Specifically, the fact that every time I log in from a new browser, I have to go to Settings and turn the sounds off again. I love the web UI because I can always reach OGS from anywhere, but this niggles.

V5.0 upgrade - Monday Feb. 13th 8am EST

Once stuck, if you press “Estimate score” again, then click back to game, you’re back. Still a bug, but an easier workaround for now.


Thanks everyone who’se reported bugs, we logged (and fixed!) a little over 100 :slight_smile: Seems like the reports have slowed down a bit and things are stabilizing - we’re going to give it another week for people to bang on things and for us to prepare, then we’ll finally get v5 released on monday.

Thanks again for everyone who poked around on the site trying to break it!


SGF library link in the main menu doesn’t work when one is already inside a sgf library collection "folder"
It will give error. “This library collection doesn’t exist or is private”

Also Couldn’t get SGF uploading to work on slightly old chrome, up to date chrome or on Vivaldi
I tried using the upload button or dragging the file. Nothing happens when I drag files or hit open (after selecting a file to upload) The browser developer tools console shows some actions happening but I can’t read that mumbojumbo


Puzzles scale weirdly. Small “board” upscale a tad when the first stone is played and big boards scale more up when the first stone is played.


Can you please add “pass” button in demo board?
It’s hard to understand some complex superko rule situations on small boards without it.


Not exactly a bug, but it seems certain things are not being referenced anymore.

For example, there’s no link to uservoice (not that I can find anyway), is it going to be discontinued?
Basically this applies to most of the links that appeared at the bottom of the Home page. Most importantly Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. A bit of digging revealed those, however, I’m concerned as to whether the API will continue to be functional, since that I truly can no longer find.

Is there a change in any of these things?

Edit: https://beta.online-go.com/developer does have something in it, so I guess I may be worrying for nothing. Anyway, just letting you know in case there was an oversight.


Hi! Thank you for future release!
In generally markup of UI getting dirty. For exmple:

  1. Chat in UI doesn’t fill all space and looks very small.
  2. User panels have different sizis depending on content and looks inaccurate.

My info:
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/53.0.2785.101 Safari/537.36
Device Pixel Ratio: 1
Screen Resolution: 1600px x 900px
Browser Window Size: 1585 px x 777 px


May be bug:

When I using tools ‘A’ or ‘1’ and long press down a mouse button and move it across a board, characters and digits don’t change in each crossing and I see lines “AAAAA”, “11111”, etc.

p.s. sorry for my English.
p.p.s. last version of Chrome browser


There is a second side effect of this, which I would argue is a bug: having to dismiss notifications multiple times across different devices, because the dismissal appears to be stored in client storage.


The most troublesome part about this, is actually if you use “submit Move” Causes mis-plays the first time you forget to set it after logging in


I’m not sure if this is caused by the different website or if it’s in the code: both the forum and the current version of OGS can be added to the home screen as a full screen website, acting almost like a native app (including being listed separately in recent apps).
The beta site doesn’t have that feature and opens like a new tab in chrome even after being added to the home screen.

Edit: since my other post is already buried under various others: I’m testing on Android


Exactly the same that Wulfenia describes about “Block” being translated as if it were “Black” happens in Spanish as well (in the red button to block a user). I have not found anything in the .po file warranting such behaviour. I am guessing that the software must be asking for “Black” translations instead of “Block” translations for that button, for any language, so it is probably broken in any non-English language right now.


OK I think I figured out what happened, it looks like by default the new process to update the translation templates was applying “fuzzy matching” to try and “help out” - I think the idea was that if I updated a string to include a period or change a minor typo or something, it would try and match against a probably older translation until a nice human translator would come along and adjust if it needed to be adjusted. But the effect here was that “Black” looked an awful lot like “Block” to that fuzzy matcher and so it used a translation for Black because that’s what it had.

I’ve turned this off, I don’t think we ever had it before, and seems like it might do more harm than good in our case. In any case, the “fix” is to update the translation for “Block” to whatever it should be - it looks like this has already been done for Spanish


Repeating this issue here: people who make their accounts using google or facebook cannot authenticate with third party applications through the API, because there is no user-visible password they can use.

You also cannot create a password using the change password function, because it asks you to input your existing password which I assume is just an auth token of some kind that we cannot see.


Thanks anoek!

Also, the obscenity filter (or however it is called) is still filtering “negro”, which means “black” in Spanish. Obviously that is pretty terrible on a go site: No need to say, when chatting about a game with my friends, we always mention “negro” and “blanco” (black and white respectively). This makes the filter pretty useless. I would not consider it a problem if it were turned off by default, but I have had to explain and ask to many friends to turn off the filter, because they were seeing *!$ everytime I mentioned black and that is really annoying.


Also, it is censoring “big black,” which i find incredible funny xD

The “xx” is also still censored, and the profanity filter will break links if something censored is in the url.


On the plus side, you can use as many Spanish swearwords as you want.


Not really: Most Spanish swearwords are censored as well. But at least they are not completely normal go terms, like “negro” :stuck_out_tongue:


Please let the board use the full height of the browser viewport. The current full screen mode lets you do that and this really makes a big difference on laptops.

Having to scroll down the right side to get access to controls is also very annoying. The current side bar lets you access controls without scrolling.

The whole UI seems designed for very large screens or possibly 4:3 screens but lots of people are on laptops with smaller, 16:9 or 16:10 screens.