Looking for beta testers for OGS v5!


I have the same problem. I am using Safari on a macbook with retina display.


Bot chat in night mode is unreadable: http://imgur.com/a/thsQO

Also, chat doesn’t auto scroll when in analyze mode, and the “view current observers” is stuck at the top of the chat, meaning we need to scroll up to see it.


No way getting more info about malkovich log, hoovering mouse over text doesn’t help


FYI (as of just now) you can now set a password even if you’ve authenticated with social auth. Once done folks can log in with either their social auth mechanism or username / password, so I think that gets us a usable path for all users at least, and we can go from there post-5.0 if need be


Clicking a Move # in the chat history scrolls the chat history back to the top.


A big thanks to everyone who assisted with reporting bugs on the beta server in the past couple of weeks. Please direct all further bug reports concerning the implementation of version 5.0 to the 5.0 upgrade thread.