Neural Network text, image or sound generators

Artificial intelligence becomes more and more advanced and general.
Here you can post what you generated with it.

I will start with OpenAI.

GPT-2 text generator continues any text in very human-like manner.

GPT-3 was created. You can use it in
this version has some bias to turn everything into text quest, but you can use custom mode, enter any text and send empty ‘story’ line.
UPDATE: (in settings)dragon model is 117 times bigger, but free only first 7 days

It don’t knows much about Go, but I tried some:

It works better on more popular things in internet.


I made some neural network jazz (the underlined are my prompts):

I recorded it as well.


Text generator just predicts any text in internet. It learned many things “by accident”.
One of versions was trained on chess database only, it could play chess after that (opening was good, but gone crazy at the end)

There is special bot for music and song generation

another version was trained on ASCII art, but there is special bot for that, still low resolution

So you always can discover some surprising ability from GPT

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(in options) Much bigger neural net “Dragon” is available to anyone now, but its free only for 7 days.

History tried to intervene )

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I created Multiplayer room with Dragon GPT-3.
Account not needed, just join with any name.
(first world destroyed by adam)

Don’t forget to click on bottom left button to choose “says” mode before talk.

new game:

(broke too)

It works bad with Go it seems, so I created default mode adventure