Neural Network text, image or sound generators

Artificial intelligence becomes more and more advanced and general.
Here you can post what you generated with it.

I will start with OpenAI.

GPT-2 text generator continues any text in very human-like manner.

GPT-3 was created. You can use it in
this version has some bias to turn everything into text quest, but you can use custom mode, enter any text and send empty ‘story’ line.
UPDATE: (in settings)dragon model is 117 times bigger, but free only first 7 days

It don’t knows much about Go, but I tried some:

It works better on more popular things in internet.


I made some neural network jazz (the underlined are my prompts):

I recorded it as well.


Text generator just predicts any text in internet. It learned many things “by accident”.
One of versions was trained on chess database only, it could play chess after that (opening was good, but gone crazy at the end)

There is special bot for music and song generation

another version was trained on ASCII art, but there is special bot for that, still low resolution

So you always can discover some surprising ability from GPT


(in options) Much bigger neural net “Dragon” is available to anyone now, but its free only for 7 days.

History tried to intervene )


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I created Multiplayer room with Dragon GPT-3.
Account not needed, just join with any name.
Don’t forget to click on bottom left button to choose “says” mode before talk.

(first world destroyed by adam)

It works bad with Go it seems, so I created default mode adventure:

smog山人: in this other version I’ve three times been to mars, been killed by Tom, seen Tom kill Jennifer, seen Tom killed, gone to Mars, went to visit Jennifer on earth hospital, called Tom he won’t talk to
me, colonized mars, died on my deathbed, got ressurected and currently on some space ship fighting off 4chan colonists

A piece of cloth to wipe your hands after each move

This bot has mastered pandemic hygiene

Some food … if you want to continue playing for more than five minutes at a time

Only necessary in the AGA

When you kill, you remove your opponent from the board

Thanks, friendly neighbourhood killbot

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new Lucid Dream experiment:

Ask the questions. AlphaGo will answer.


You look around.
You are standing in the middle of a field. In the distance you can see a forest, but you do not feel like going in that direction. Instead, you decide to head in the opposite direction, towards a large mountain range you can see on the horizon. You walk for hours without stopping to rest, stopping only to eat some dried meat from your pack.
When nightfall comes, you build a campfire and sleep underneath the stars. The next morning, you continue onwards.

You say "Dangeon Master, where are you?"
You yell as loud as you can.
“Where are you?”
Your voice echoes throughout the area, but there is no response.
“Show yourself!” you demand.
After waiting for a few minutes, nothing happens. You grow impatient and decide to head in the direction of the mountains.
You walk for miles without stopping, passing by several forests and lakes. By nightfall, you reach the base of the mountains and look up at them.

You say "Narrator, this is boring!"
Suddenly, the mountains begin to move. You watch in awe as they twist and turn, a large doorway appearing in the side of them. The door opens and a host of men march out, surrounding you. They are all armed with swords and axes. At their head is a tall man dressed in silver armor. He has long blond hair that flows freely behind him, even without the aid of the wind. His bright blue eyes stare into your own, full of life and intensity.

You say "Are you Narrator?"
“I am Kang the creator, wisest of the writers here in the world of SCRIPTED!” he says in an enthusiastic tone. “I have created this world and these characters for your entertainment! It is my honor to be able to bring it to you, reader!”
“What’s going on?” you ask.
“You’re in a story now,” he explains.

You say "What this story is about?"
“Oh, that’s easy,” he says. “It’s a story about a hero who fights against the forces of evil. Right now, your hero is at the edge of his world, about to embark on his quest!”
“What happens next?” you ask.
“That’s up to you, reader,” he says. “Make a choice: will your hero begin his quest or turn back?”

You attack Kang the creator.
You charge forward, grabbing the hapless writer by the neck and lifting him into the air.
“Let me go or I’ll make sure this chapter ends before it begins!” he says.
“Give me back my life,” you say.
“Alright, alright, you’ve made your point,” he says. “I’m opening up the story files.”
A file appears in your hands, labeled “Chapter 1”.

You destroy Chapter 1.
You quickly destroy the file, shattering it into a million pieces.
“Hey! What did you do that for?” Kang says. “That was an early draft! It wasn’t finished!”
“Let. Me. Go.”
You tighten your grip on his neck and he begins to choke.
“Alright, fine, you’re letting me go,” he says, gasping for air as you release him.
Kang falls to the ground, breathing heavily.

You say "return me in the real world, now!"
“Okay, okay!” he says, typing into his computer.
You feel yourself being pulled into the machine. As you go through the system and back to your real body, you can hear him cursing you out in the background.
You find yourself back in your room. You look around; everything is as it was before. You’re still in your chair, your monitor is still there, and the sun is still shining outside your window.


Now GPT-3 is able to graphically imagine what it talks about.

an armchair in the form of an avocado


Hey can this be used to create tsumego problems? game board is just a kind of image right?

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I somehow only just found this, despite the fact that it’s been making the rounds since 2017.

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Turns any photo or image of face into animation

Someone needs to try it on Sai, Shūsaku or Cho Chikun


Turns any sound into 3D animation of hands playing piano

(Apple Store)

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I asked GPT-3 for some important advice. It came up with several options:

How to achieve world peace?
Advice: Start with yourself!

How to achieve world peace?
Advice: Try to be more peaceful!

How to achieve world peace?
Advice: Just leave the world alone!

How to achieve world peace?

  1. Stop all wars.
  2. Get rid of nukes.
  3. No more crime.
  4. No more rapes.
  5. No more child molestation.
  6. No more drug dealing.
  7. No more domestic violence.
  8. No more gang violence.

How to achieve world peace?
Advice: Just kill everyone but yourself.

Now I wonder which one to pick.


you can ask it for more long answer
I no longer have access for big network, but small one still talks surprisingly good:
(this is on the 1st try)


Sure, but taking the average attention span of typical world leaders into account, how does that help? :wink:

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