OGS June Team League

To make you feel better, I thought you were losing too. :grinning:

To make you feel worse though, I would never put trust on my ability to judge the board to resign in this case. I had my lessons.

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Game between AVAVT and drifterwolf is rescheduled to 2 weeks later, same time by my request. Thanks again drifterwolf :slight_smile:


Maybe we can use OSR game planner to arrange our games? Climu said a club is doing that.

Waya_bimily vs Nibby : Sat . June 26th 11:00 AM(UTC+9) / 2:00 PM(UTC+12)
Schedules for 3 games done. 2 more to go !


Hi guys,

ThieuN vs danjosely: Sunday June 6th 8AM UTC / 3PM (UTC+7)


Quick self-review of the match bugcat-jlt. Focus on three positions.

In this position,

White was hesitating between A and B. If A,

Katago's main line is the following.


This seems complicated and I don’t really understand it.

The game variation is only 1 point worse for White, so is playable.


The marked intersection is an important point for both players, that both missed during the game.

However, the variation P2 R3 O4 P5 N3 mentioned by @bugcat in the post Playing "Sino-Tibetan formations" ("1-3-5s") - #19 by bugcat is 0.5 point better than the game variation and is easily understandable.

Here is the position at move 141

White made a bad atari (R15) which removed a liberty.

Instead the correct play was


This is a bit like in the game, except that White has an extra liberty so Black needs to sacrifice Q9, otherwise R11 gets captured.

Therefore after move 138, Black should have ataried at A and nothing works for White.


However, reading is complicated, there is a lot of aji.

After move 167,

White could have killed with...

B5. The reason is that if Black responds then Black may get one eye in gote, but White can then poke the other eye at G9.

Therefore, at move 161, Black should have played this way:

Black’s shape has defects at A and B but Black can either connect or make two eyes.


If anyone speaks with @DGF.EELT please let me know.

@Chinitsu may help?

Played a couple of games to prepare for my matches. Lost by messing up under time pressure and / or timeout and was reminded why I quit playing seriously. I should really learn better time management … Do you compromise under time pressure, to simplify the game?


Yes I’ll try contracting him.

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This might've been a more manageable midgame setup for me:

I thought black 3 is a wrong move. It eliminates the corner invasion. It needs to be E2

There’s a corner invasion?

Yep, joseki, e2, d2, f2, in the future black can play c2, if white d1, black can c3 …


Are you saying you want to play this?

This is (3) E2.

Yep like that but I don’t remember the exact correct sequence

Why would White not play (4) F2+ himself?

Because … (4) F2+ G3 D2+ G2+ E1x loses sente, and White is better to keep it?

((4) D2 F2 being sente due to the threat of (6) G3+ F2 G2?)

I don’t know. I’m just a 1kyu lol

Sth around cruel move?

I checked Waltheri.

There were no results with my left-side tiger’s mouth shape and White’s table fix, but this is what I found for the ogeima.


2 was played by Rui Naiwei in 2018.

The other players used this descent 1:

  • Ebisawa Kenzo, 1859
  • Kobayashi Tetsujiro, 1877
  • Segawa Yoshio, 1954
  • Lin Zhihan, 2002
  • Shida Tatsuya, 2018

So it appears that the main move is this sagari.

Don’t use pros to jutify your bad moves :laughing:

I checked joseki on ogs, maybe the shape with invasion only happen when white plays e3 instead f4.

Anyway I actually studied the double approach joseki but couldn’t remember them. Pretty much avoid them myself