Playing Go IRL pictures


5-10 years ago our go-club in Tilburg was barely holding on with some 2-3 players coming to play.
Since about summer 2022, the club is doing much better. 8-10 players playing is no exception.

We even joined the national club team competition with 2 teams. Team Tilburg 1 came in 1st of the 2nd class division.


that’s IRL/internet pictures but i guess it’s fine :stuck_out_tongue:

We made an internet firendly competition between Grenoble and Suzhou which should lead to good exchanges ^^
kids played each others in a 5 vs 5 competition
here are some pictures :slight_smile:

full article here (in fr) : Grenoble 2 Suzhou 3 et l'éclosion d'un partenariat - Club de Go de Grenoble


I had some wine, dug out the goban & stones, and played a centaur Go game (me and Katago vs GnuGo)

Once it was done, I was walking around and the light from the lamp shining over the goban reminded me of sunset on a beach


As the Fresno Go Club brings our first year as an AGA chapter to a close on the eve of Lunar New Year, we had our best outing thus far with about 30 people in attendance over three hours, including a significant number of first timers. Our local library is proving to be an ideal partner, advertising our events on their calendar and email announcements. We get about six new people each time through this system, and the library has just accepted my go book collection into their system so that people in the central part of California (about 3 million people from Bakersfield to Merced) can request our books for checkout from their local library. I have also donated a handful of go sets so that new players can check out equipment to learn the game as we have now run out of bingo chip/tiddlywink stones and laser cut boards to give away. The future of go in our community is looking bright!


I agree with the point also that’s why our young generation is weakening day by day due to no physical activities.

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You mean light plastic stones are more and more used instead of shell or glass?

A weiqi meeting from an internet group, southwest China.


Kolkata(India) meetup with me, 8888888878, richardshloft and a first timer