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at least there are tunnels

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Well, ignore me, this is all covered in the vid. And to answer the question: yes it seems accurate to me!

There is also the Woolwich Ferry

Edit: And the cable car but not free and not for cars!

But I should actually watch the video really…


Posting poll here for visibility :smiley:

I’ve relayed a few games of the French Open championship on OGS. I created a demo board, and the web address that appeared on my browser was for instance

But on the game history, under “Reviews and demos”, the address that appears is

Is there a subtle difference between those two?


Not really, they both go to the same place. If you find a difference, it’s probably a bug.

If you check out routes.tsx, you may find lots of interesting ways to get to the same place :blush:

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There’s probably discussed before in here somewhere, but I can’t find it, so…

Based on y’all’s personal experience (I have found templates etc online, I’m asking for people’s preferences):

  1. What would be a good set of dimensions for a 9x9 handcrafted goban?
  2. How many W and B stones would be needed?
  3. (ETA) Is there a general rule to adjust stone size to goban size? For example, the stone should loosely fit in a square or something?

I have no experience in building gobans, but I would go with:

  1. Around 20x20 cm
  2. 50 stones each. I think (without checking) that my longer 9x9 games last about 60 moves more or less, so 50 should give you a decent coverage.

I think it should. Smaller would look awkward to me.

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For playing or for demonstrations? For playing I’d go with the standard grid size. Comes with the adavantage that you have the option to use standard stones. For demonstrations as large as possible. :slight_smile:
Traditionally 41 black stones and 40 white stones. 20% less should do as well. Maybe even 30% less, if mostly used by DDKs.

Sure, stone diameter should be at least slightly smaller than distance of intersections. I have played with stones slightly too large, which was still possible, but I hated it.

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Same grid line spacing but just fewer of them?

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Don’t forget space for the border! This site has printable PDF files so you can check your work:

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Yep, I’ve all results that google could provide :wink:

I’ve taken up a handcrafting hobby lately, but I don’t have the equipment to make a 19x19, and I never warmed up to 13x13.

9x9 seemed like a good idea, to play and maybe do some tsumego (which, I need honestly :woman_shrugging:).

I’ll make my own, from the same material. I only have the magnetic set ones, and if I were to buy a proper set of stones I would definitely buy a proper goban with it, so :wink:

I found this

works best with what I had in mind, but the stones in the same page come out too big when printed, I’ll probably just sand them off when the time comes.

It suggests 50 stones per color, as I understand it, but I don’t want to do all that extra work if 81 stones are enough.

Why is my OGS logo so small on my Chrome shortcut in Android 13?


Same here

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Probably related to this;


The more I think about it, the more I believe it symbolizes how far removed the forums are becoming from Go.

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times…


Update: I uninstalled and reinstalled, it went back to normal. But it again shrinks bit by bit every time I open the forums.


Does anyone know a good android app to replace google Calendar Goals?

Not a recurring appointment/ task thing, one adaptable to rescheduling.

I am finding it takes ages to open now. I’m going to have to reinstall or switch it off and on again or something…

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North American pros have been playing “Lanke Qualifiers” on OGS recently. Does anyone know how the qualifiers work? Is there any place to read about it?


I would check AGA website first? (I didn’t)

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