Rengo status


Breathe :slight_smile:
I’ve just realised OGS is doing a live rengo thing and thought it might be related.


I feel like there needs to be some kind of team chat and global chat before the game started, like a tournament chat page, where it’s easier to organize who would play which team, etc.


Whoops, sorry I never got around to helping out on this. I started familiarizing myself with the code base and fell down a rabbit hole of hunting for potential security bugs before getting busy. Good job on getting it all working though!

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I’ve resisted “yet another local chat”.

This was partly because I wanted to limit the “scope” of all the things that had to be done before going live, but also partly because I find it easy to lose track of all the different places you can talk about things.

However, anoek has showed me the way to easily do a local chat, and I can see that it would help with this kind of problem, so I will put it high on the “now what?” list.


There’s plenty still to be done :wink:

(See “things we want done” )


We played a few rengo games, everything worked all right except the fact that when it wasn’t my turn, the score estimator became the AI score estimator instead of the regular one.


Hah you cheater! :wink: :smiley: Yet another “thing that needs to know these extras are players”. I wonder when we’ll get to the bottom of that pile!


Welp, I’m confused as to where I should mention this, so many threads now and I’m not into site chat, so

A. A beauty. AND visible chat. :kissing_heart:
B. I can’t tell if someone paused or if the thing paused, and can’t unpause like vanilla go games. (I tried pausing and unpausing in case it was stuck).

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Here’s a fine place.

Can you link me that game (I know I could search for it but hey… that dumb game history page doesn’t make it easy does it :woman_facepalming: )

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I accepted the milestone and everything on I think/hope they should send payment to you now.

The status is now showing a green “inspection” which seems a bit weird, but I made sure I accepted all checkboxes they gave me :sweat_smile:
Maybe it just means they look over it and then finish up.


THANKS! :partying_face:


Ok when my turn came mystery solved: I’m stupid. And also on vacation mode. In my defense, it showed “paused” and not “vacation”. But still :woman_facepalming:

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Ah - thanks for working that out. There’s another “it needs to know about Rengo” here, because typically this thing puts “vacation” on the actual player, and “paused” on the “other player” … but what of the “vacation” players is not the active player… then this is what we see :sob:


Why hide ranks in rengo games preview?

and, btw, bug

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Unintentional - simply a bug. I’m on it.

Edit: darn - this bug was introduced when showing that rengo games have more players on the team.

Unfortunately player called “hakhoa +1” does not have a rank. :woman_facepalming:

Neither does a player called "hakhoa "

Only “hakhoa” has a rank.

rushes off to see what to do about that

Edit: I put in a preliminary fix, which brings back ranks to non-rengo games.

For “technical reasons” it’s not so easy to do what I wanted " GreenAsJade [1d] +2 "

… getting that rank in that place you would think is easy, but there are some questions to be answered, so that will come later.


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