The Raptor Game


Okay. There’s this Raptor see and for the first 30 minutes of our movie, nothing much seems to happen but it looks like maybe they’re just setting the scene. Maybe something is just about to happen. Is something happening that you’re just not getting? :thinking:

Oh God. So now we’re 60 minutes into the movie and still nothing has happened. There are things that might happen, things you can imagine happening. But nothing’s happening. :exploding_head:

You can’t imagine an ending good enough to pay off the first hour of boredom but maybe you’re wrong and you really don’t want to have to watch this whole movie again if you find out later that it’s awesome somehow. So, fighting against drooping eyelids, hoping against hope, you force yourself through the remainder of the movie. You’ve already wasted one hour on it so best to try and get something out of it. :yawning_face:

… and then nothing happens!!! How can they make this? How can it even be on air? :sob: :scream:

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I wrote this without a particular movie in mind though I certainly remember the feeling! I’m just curious to see what movies people guess so I can avoid watching them.

Anyone who has posted a guess may claim victory of course but it would be interesting to give people a little time to post their answers.


The Downton Abbey film? (to be fair, I haven’t actually seen it, for obvious reasons.)

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I can think of some boring movies, but none of them corresponds to your description. There is always stuff happening in them, but if you want some suggestions of what to avoid I’d say Godard mon amour. There are people who liked it though, so you might as well give it a shot. If you’re a fan of Godard’s movies you could find it interesting.

Anyway, according to the rules, it’s bugcat’s turn.


Time to get the ball rolling @Bugcat

This is the lost Jurassic Park film, where after breaking out of the park the raptors end up on another island. The island was made by salty mammal paleontologists so it is full of Ambondro. Err, dancing Ambondro.




Alright, it was Madagascar. The next turn is open for whoever wants it.

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OMG I was waiting for someone else to guess :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve got too many. If it gets to the point where this thread is dying away… I can just keep it going and everyone else can guess… I guess.

You are a student studying seismology near a rural desert town when subterranean raptors terrorize the community.


You can do that by yourself, but I will be here doing absolutely nothing to help due to my lack of movie knowledge :no_mouth:

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… I also don’t have much film knowledge .___.

Would you guys like to play community Geoguesser? We would set up a new thread and post photos from Google Streetview, then guess them.


Sure… uh… I’ll try anything once.

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Scrolls up to find that bugcat posted the second most number of times after @You_Know_Me
100 times???


You only pick up an iron without an iron cloth once :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah buggy, hit 'em with that 150-year-old joke


All I do is absorb media.

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Somehow I have 27 posts though. I didn’t know I asked that many questions on here. I only remember asking questions once.

Hint: the above hinted at movie stars Kevin “don’t let that raptor eat my” Bacon…

What would you say to “translingual Scrabble”? This is an idea I’ve been thinking about for a while.