For the Glory of Kibitz: how do we work this out?

So, I am loving all the flags on the OGS Games page - pointing to amazing pro games

Case in point this evening:

44th Gosei Title 3rd match (youtube live)

Now, I’ve already missed a bunch of the match, so there’s no way I can start a demo board (or is there? I haven’t searched for SGFs of matchs-in-progress before…)

I’ve tried starting a general OGS discuss topic specifically for the purpose of kibitz, and - since it’s not the usual social norm - it rubbed some (wonderful! amazing!) veteran forum members the wrong way, so I don’t wanna step on any toes.

Is there any option that’s better than the YouTube chat window?

I just wanted to bring this up, because it seems like we’re going to be watching a lot of amazing pro games in real time


ciao down


Also - I wanted to give respect / props to folks who take the time to do a proper demo board of an entire game. This recent effort by S_Alexander was noteworthy because it was almost 6 hrs long

However, I’m hanging with my kid tonight, and I can’t take on a multi-hour commitment. I’m trying to figure out a way to set up an easy kibitz session, without the very respectable amount of work it takes to take on a proper demo

any opinions welcome.


You could make a program to automatically mirror moves on OGS demo board from something like wbaduk. But you’d still have to supervise it so multi-hour commitment is still there. Best way is team-up with someone to share the load.

In the end we chose to play go not because it was easy.


Can you point me in the direction of this - it would be good to understand this background, to help find the way forwards.

I think he is referring to this thread, but so far as I can tell the only thing that comes close to “rubbed some (wonderful! amazing!) veteran forum members the wrong way” was a a single comment from smurph?

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Ahah I see.

ryatek also thanked smurph for his comment.

However, I find the thread entirely appropriate for a Go forum.

Some improvements might be:

  • A standard title for such threads. “Live kibitz: game name” seems right
  • A standard instruction “if you don’t want updates from this thread, please mute it using the button at the bottom”
  • Timed linked to youtube (if it is a youtube video) for each comment.

Of course, a demo board a-la-S_Alexander is even nicer, but I can image that there is a class of game that is not interesting enough to do all the effort that takes, but still interesting enough to comment on.


Also as Tony said, he couldn’t be there for the whole game but was only in and out, which makes catching up with a demo board almost impossible… but yeah great suggestions :slight_smile: I agree

Thanks! I’ll keep all those handy hints in mind for next time



Step 1: Create the Group “Live Kibitz”
Step 2: Make it free to join
Step 3: Enter your new chatroom
Step 4: Chat with everyone who would also like to chat asynchronously by proxy

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That doesn’t help notify people who did not join the group that there is a given game going on.

It also doesn’t keep the record for later perusal…

It seems to be a solution proposed for a problem that doesn’t exist.

There is no problem with “Talk about Go” in the Go Forums.


Yes, and realistically, no one would use that record for later perusal because already no one besides OP participated. There were two posts besides mine and neither of them was about the actual game nor OP’s comments on the actual game.

But yes, perhaps I should just mute the thread and let the idea… run its course.

Call me oldfashioned, to me it’s just forum spam.

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I think a “wait and see” approach is certainly sound.

5 people showed their appreciation for the original post.

We don’t know who looked at the comments as they went past - if they had been links, then perhaps we would know…

I think “forum spam” is a bad catgorisation. Spam is something done for self-profit.

This on the other hand is clearly an attempt to share enthusiasm about talking about Go.

That is to be encouraged. And tweaked as needed. IMO.


I wouldn’t call it ‘forum spam’ but I’m inclined to angle for alternatives too.

I think ideally such Kibitzing could be announced/promoted in the forums and then done either on a demo-board, in a Kibitz group chat or even in English chat where I have seen it before.

There is a reason that the current forums system automatically alerts you when you make too many consecutive contributions to a forums thread.

Nonetheless this point is well made:

If there was a Kibitz forums chat category that would make it even easier to opt out.


Yes - I wondered about that.

The option to “Opt out” of a category would be a generally useful tool.

Can you do that? I couldn’t see how.

I’ve never used it but: Preferences>Categories>Muted…



So this then suggests that we wait to see how many of these kinds of threads we get, and put them into a category as a first step of “controlling the the noise” if necessary.


Just to be clear, I still think the demo-board is the best option, promoted in the forums, english chat and/or banner at the start. If there are enough people to successfully Kibitz a game then surely between them they can relay it,


I 100% agree that the demo board is the best option when you either have access to the sgf or 100% presence to a live broadcast (which admittedly would be most of the time) and that all alternatives would likely only be used when a demo board is not practical due to neither of the above situations being possible.


Hi there!

So, I did some poking around, and I followed your first 2 instructions

Step 1: Create the Group “Live Kibitz”
Step 2: Make it free to join

Now, I’m trying to figure out Step 3: Enter your new chatroom

All the options I see are

  • Create new post
  • Create tournament
  • Create tournament record

Which of these options will allow me to create a chatroom that others can join?

Any assistance appreciated

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Never mind! I found it:

Group Channels: Live Kibitz

Thanks for the tip - I’ll post a link the next time an exciting live game comes along, and see if we can get some chat/kibitz action there.

thanks again for the tip - would not have figured that out myself