Go Style Horoscopes ☯

I honestly believe we should use those for predictions.

Gap 1 is Love Life, Gap 2 is Work/ Career, Gap 3 is Health (white stones)/ Friends&Family (black stones).

I see most stones in the beginning between Love and Work, so either a coworker will express their interest if you’re single, or work is coming between you and your partner.
The two ataris at the right and top of work signal some difficult situations, but the stone that dies means the changes will be for good.
There are more white stones around Health, so schedule your medical appointments on even days (not on days with more than 7 letters though, because White gets komi which is usually 6,5 rounded up is 7).
Only one black stone is touching Gap 3, so expect visitors that you haven’t seen in a while, people with few common liberties interests.


Reminds me of the short Speaking Go thread from a year ago.

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With all that hand and palm representation, I think this needs a revival.

Palmistry is our next stop.

  1. Orion
  2. Plum_Talk


The hard work and good positional sense that you’ve put into your games may finally be paying off, Orion. Expect some positive changes to take place on the goban this week. Today you’re likely to be feeling especially energetic and decide to focus on your tricky endgames with thorough reading. Don’t try to over extend yourself. You need to keep sente to win.

Edit: lol, I just realized that I forgot to change “Sagittarius” to “Orion”.


Now I want one too, full moon tomorrow and stuff

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You could well be bubbling over with physical energy today, Cancer. You might want to spend your day analyzing those cutting points. You could find some interesting tesuji with them, which you might be able to put to work for you. You could lay plans for finally attaining a long-term goal; perhaps a lucky break made this possible. Expect to spend most of your day reading and planning!


That was fantastic! :grinning:


I think your next venture can be a “Which go shape are you?” quiz :slight_smile:


:virgo: :libra:
I’m either a virgo or a libra depending on whether you’re accounting for the shifting of the stars, I guess
My profile: Gooplet
I’ve never put much stock in horoscopes but I always believe in @yebellz :smiley:




Virgo, your board positions are likely to be enhanced today through the influence of distant stones. The desire for sente is probably strong, and you might seek to develop some new aji. Your haengma is also likely to be thriving since you feel passionate and project that power to others. Expect some surprises in a current or potential game.


Rewards will pour in today in response to the solid shape that you have been building. Influence benefits are at hand so don’t be afraid to step up and wield the power that you have earned. More than you may think is coming your way.


I want to try it too :slight_smile:

  1. :sagittarius:
  2. (only if your device can!): 🐬Sofiam🐬



Today you might find that some of your games take a definite turn for the better. You could receive more than one fuseki that piques your interest, Sagittarius, and you’ll spend a lot of time developing joseki for future aji. If you haven’t found the right direction of play yet, you may soon see some promising opportunities. If you’re entangled in a running fight, make sure you reserve time for some deep reading, if possible. Have fun!


I wish I had read these on stream D: the Libra one was completely accurate! So much for sidereal astrology

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There were 5 questions in that test. “20% match” sounds suspiciously low.

Can I get the Go treatment? Thank you.


@Gia, well, you asked for it…


You could have been kinder, you know :stuck_out_tongue:


hi there, I’d like one as well

Scorpio btw

thanks in advance